Of interest to radfems: Audley Harrison accused of offensive language for not wanting to share a bath with “Kellie”

18:18 Boxer Audley Harrison has noticed that Frank “Kellie” Maloney is still a man, and mentions that he feels uncomfortable with the thought of sharing a bath with him.

32:00 , Audley attempts to apologize to Kellie for his transgression.

Note the power difference between the two. Frank Maloney is a white boxing promoter; Audley Harrison is a black boxer who depends on men like Frank Maloney for his fights. Frank still holds a lot of power in the boxing world and if he takes a dislike to Audley, this could negatively affect his career.

40:25 This is deemed offensive language by Big Brother and Audley is duly berated by the condescending narrator for his thought crime. He is told he has been discriminatory. Audley Harrisson has no idea what he`s just done and doesn`t realize how not wanting to share a bath with another man could possibly be construed as offensive.

You certainly have to consider whether Harrison might be homophobic, but there is something invasive about transgenderism, something “spooky” as Mary Daly would say, because transpeople are asking people to SUSPEND BELIEF.

By painting on womanface transwomen suddenly expect bodily contact with others that they wouldn’t ordinarily get without coming across as complete creeps: hugs, squeezes on the knee, kisses on the cheek, toes in the bath. They’re the ultimate Dionysian boundary-pushers*. They refuse to acknowledge the bodily integrity of others. They spook.

Predictably, none of the women who are now sharing their living space with Kellie Maloney have dared mention anything.

Presenter Emma Willis constantly ass-kisses the trans lobby with talk of being very concerned about the hormonal changes that Kellie is going through and all the presenters are making a big point of using the pronoun “she”. Everybody is cringe-worthily pro-Kellie. Only one female actress, Nadia Sawalha, dared to go a little further by saying she doesn`t like him on account of the fact he`s a sulker. She also said that Kellie was never a very nice person when he was Frank, so there`s no reason for us to believe he`s a nice person now just because he`s Kellie.

Anyway, in the clip below, Audley is still trying to make it up to Kellie. You can sense the desperation in his voice. Then suddenly Kellie comes out with the very words that he was dreading, the old, “I can`t work with you “, thus, demonstrating the institutional and economic power that transwomen possess. Transwomen never lose their male status, and are always ready and willing to pull out this card from the deck whenever the need is called for.

I actually feel sorry for Audley Harrison. The power differences couldn`t be clearer. This is felt so strongly by him that he accidentally says “let`s talk man to man”, still unable to fathom that he is supposed to PRETEND that he`s talking to a woman. He instantly corrects himself, by saying “man to woman.”

I find Audley Harrison to be a fairly soft-spoken man and although I`m not usually given to caring about men you have to feel for him here in the video below as he tries to navigate the mind fuck that may have just cost him his career. 1 minute in.


The madness which is the Dionysian Final Solution for women is confusion—inability to distinguish the female Self and her process from the male-made masquerade. Dionysus sometimes assumed a girl-like form.  The phenomenon of the drag queen dramatically demonstrates such boundary vio­lation. Like whites playing “black face,” he incorporates the oppressed role without being incorporated in it. In the phe­nomenon of transsexualism, the incorporation/confusion is deeper. As ethicist Janice Raymond has pointed out, the majority of transsexuals are “male to female,” while transsexed females basically function as tokens, and are used by the rulers of the transsexual empire to hide the real nature of the game.`’ In transsexualism, males put on “female” bodies (which are in fact pseudofemale). In a real sense they are separated from their original mothers by the rituals of the counseling process, which usually result in “discovering” that the mother of the transsexual-to-be is at fault for his “gender identity crisis.” ss These “patients” are reborn from males. As Linda Barufaldi suggested, this fact was symbolized in the renaming of the renowned transsexual of tennis, Renee (literally, “re-born”) Richards, whose original first name was Richard.”b The re-birthing male supermothers include psychiatrists, surgeons, hormone therapists, and other cooperating professionals. The surgeons and hormone therapists of the transsexual kingdom, in their effort to give birth, can be said to produce feminine persons. They cannot produce women.


– Gyn/Ecology, pp 67 – 68


21 thoughts on “Of interest to radfems: Audley Harrison accused of offensive language for not wanting to share a bath with “Kellie”

  1. Thanks for the detailed commentary CBL, I really hate watching this genre of tv programme, most tv actually.

    Only one female actress, Nadia Sawalha, dared to go a little further by saying she doesn`t like him on account of the fact he`s a sulker. She also said that Kellie was never a very nice person when he was Frank, so there`s no reason for us to believe he`s a nice person now just because he`s Kellie.

    I did have to look up who Nadia Sawalha was, and note that she is a 50yo woman. A middle-aged woman, tells it how it is—in the case of Maloney, his macho assholeness is supposedly ‘transformed’ by his putting on of womanface. What a case of make-believe nonsense! Older women tell it how it is, which is why patriarchy enforces ageism which is primarily directed at females so that no-one will listen to them. You could even compare Sawalha’s keeping youthful and attractive appearance, and compare that with the dog’s breakfast that is the average late ‘transitioner’—two sets of rules.

    Yes, everybody knows these dudes as males in womanface, even if we are told to play along otherwise. The Emperor is wearing Womanface. Further, we are constantly reminded that these dudes ARE transwomen, ie ‘really dudes’, and told to tread carefully around their feefees, play along with the badly executed delusion. The constant reminder that these are trans, the special treatment, will always set them apart from females, and this is deliberate. It is also gaslighting in a very perverse way, to pretend they are women but always acknowledge that no, no they are really male.

    Very interesting exchange between the boxer Harrison and Maloney, which is the example of the gaslighting factor—Maloney is not just male, but a white male with power in the field of boxing (as you brilliantly pointed out CBL). What actually transpired, both from Maloney and the CBB people was actually racism out in the open, and disguised under the cover of ‘transphobia’. Nobody ever takes any notice when trans and their supporters commit misogyny (same ol’ same ol’). I wonder if anyone other than radfems will pick up on the disgusting racism on CBB? Nah, probably not, that would be ‘transphobic’! Mindfuck.

    • Right. Thinking about it more and knowing the power differences between them, and given that Frank’s behavior was racist, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been invading Harrison’s space on purpose, just for kicks. Slipping his ‘sexy toes’ in the bath just behind Audley doesn’t sound too innocent to me, but as I didn’t see it (and don’t know what goes on in Kellie’s head) I’m only taking a wild stab here.
      Being male, Audley is used to having his boundaries respected so he has called out the weirdness he has seen. He also said that when he knows the women are in the bath he doesn’t go in the room, whereas Kellie just wanders wherever he likes. Audley was definitely calling him out for that one.
      Though as Radfems we’re more interested in women than men, I do find male behavior interesting. Audley is by far the tallest man in the house. He towers over Kellie. Meanwhile, Kellie has accused another man in the house (leslie) of suffering from “small man syndrome”, which means that height is clearly important to him. He probably suffers from this syndrome himself. He is involved in the boxing world but doesn’t have anywhere near the right physique to be a fighter. A spot of envy? Racism makes him feel more of a man.

      • Being male, Audley is used to having his boundaries respected so he has called out the weirdness he has seen.

        Wow, good spot! I think you are right there. That is really creepy, that Maloney (complete with laydee peen) wanders in on the females when they are in the bathroom. I guess he gets off on his new male entitlement, because that is what it is, a new male entitlement for the creepy pervert males. (Don’t call him “Kellie” btw, it creeps me out!)

        Yes, Maloney is short, and any short males that make it through the ranks of patriarchy are generally more adept at practising masculinity things like sexism or racism. Interesting that it was a black male boxer that Maloney made into a meal ticket (ie used), so it is really doubtful that Maloney would ever be called out for racism, but he is obviously a racist, and white male supremacist.

        Patriarchy always allows a few tokens to slip through, as long as those tokens play by the ‘rules’. They allow a few black males, a few white (sometimes black) females to rise through the ranks, and anyone from these groups who do not make it get told “you just didn’t try hard enough… see [so-and-so token example]”. This is why F2Ts get some token support (to validate the existence of the majority of M2Ts), a few black males get rich, etc. The existence of a few tokens does not disprove any weakening of patriarchy, which is still primarily composed of white males at the very top, even if black males get to enact misogyny against black females, black males do get reminded of their place in the overall hierarchy from time to time, and this is what we have seen between Harrison/Maloney, the “reminder” of who is really on top of the hierachy. It also proves, that even with laydeeface, male privilege over the existing classes remains intact (generally at their pre-trans level).

      • Lol, sorry for creeping you out with the Kellie thing.BTW someone mentioned that not only does his new face look uncannily like Lorraine Kelly’s, but she’s the only famous Kelly around. Do you think he’s modelled himself on her in some creepy way?

        (I don’t feel any shame for being so into this show. All I’ve got here is Japanese TV! )

    • They’re now saying that a trannie who is on estrogen has the same experience as a woman going through the menopause… Well why not?! Of COURSE he does. Oh, I get it. It’s because menopausal women used to get bamboozled into taking HRT, isn’t it. Jesus Christ, that is NOT the same, it’s not even… I can’t even…

  2. Excellent observation of the power differential in that exchange. A look of panic came over Audley’s face as he saw his chance of one last big show fight slip away in the painted nails hands of Frank Maloney. Frank knew exactly what he was doing. Frank is the most powerful one in their. They all know that all he has to do is imply one instance of “transphobia” and their careers are toast. And Frank knows this too. Oppressed my arse. These guys are the worst ot all male supremacists. We are watching it play out every evening.
    Well done Nadia Sawalha for pointing out the elephant in the room.

    • Hi Naefearty,
      Thanks for your comment here. I think almost everyone in the radfem blogosphere has read your excellent post on what it was like to be partnered to a transsexual. Horrifying!

      Frank’s daughter was interviewed briefly on BB over the phone and she was shown to be offering her full support to him, and calling him “she” and the like. I should imagine it’s worse for wives than for daughters when a man decides he’s “a woman inside”, but it must be quite a mind-fuck for children too.

      Another woman in the house has stood up to him, a young woman called Stephanie. She said something likes “Oh it looks like Frank’s back”. Dee also shouted at him, ” This IS what being a lady is about.” when he said swearing wasn’t ladylike. Anyway, I am crossing my fingers and hoping for peak trans. The presenters seem to be a bit war-weary dredging up the excuse of “it’s the hormones” to justify his behavior…

      • Yes, I saw the phone call from his daughter. She said he is “a nicer person as Kellie”…I dread to think what it was like to grow up with Frank.
        I also think that children (even adult children) are inclined to be “hopeful” about their parents, and that it is an entirely different relationship from that between partners. So it is no surprise to me that his daughter doesn’t see what we see, and is inclined to want to protect him.
        I saw him say that he is “still friends” with his wife and that she is looking after his dog while he is in the house. My first reaction was that untill I hear from his wife (unfettered by media requirements to remain tolerant, supportive and understanding) I will reserve my judgement on how his wife really feels about him. Also, with a divorce from a controlling, angry man (as Frank has shown himself to be) it is no wonder his wife would play nice. What else is she expected to do? I certainly wouldn’t want to piss off Frank. No sirree.

      • I also noticed he (quite sadistically , I thought) went on about how supportive his mother was, and that now he’s the closest he’s ever been to his 80 year old mum. I think transsexualism must bring specific kind of pain to mothers. It is a complete and utter misogynistic expression of hatred of the mother in my opinion, second only to women in general. I also hear that therapists encourage them to blame their mothers for their desire to transition.

      • I think mothers blame themselves for their son’s “sickness”. My torturer’s mother certainly did. Of course the finger is never pointed at the controlling, domineering fathers whom I have seen many trans narratives refer to.

  3. Let’s be Frank: Womanface is man-flu | twanzphobic since forever

  4. In seeing this two words come to mind, contemptuous and sadistic. This seems a common thread with the many reports on gender trender of trans. They are even more contemptuous/sadistic toward those who go along with the charade. Like any abusers, their victims can never be good enough, can never please enough. Aw, it’s just an excuse to be sadistic/contemptuous. That was there all along. Of course, a chance to indulge their fetishes beyond their wildest dreams are a part of it, clear in these reports of boundary crossing. I just watched the parts you referenced. I hate tv. Not criticizing you, Cherry. Being in another culture would likely make it different for me.

  5. The link is a female fighter is hated on by the trannies because she dared say shes against Phallus Fox beating up women. It is the status where she spoke out against the woman beater. This isn’t related (well actually it kind of is)- my brother who is 11 told me to clean up his piss with his face when I asked him to clean up the mess he made on the toilet. We only have one bathroom. It really upset me and he has caused me so much pain by bullying me my whole life.

    • I’be been starting to think a lot more about the oppression of women by brothers and sons. It’s much more unexpected and insidious when it comes from this direction because the relationships change over time with the me in question gaining more power over sisters and mothers as they age. They come at you from behind.

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