5-year Fuku-versary by FCM



I’ve re-opened my old blog. Sorry for confusion! I closed it after the abuse I received for my XY posts, it all became too much. I love the design there. See you over there! There is a double post by myself and FCM


7 thoughts on “5-year Fuku-versary by FCM

  1. Hi, long time reader here. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to see you writing again.
    It gets very lonely when you don’t have women to share your views with, but it gets even lonelier when you know that the few courageous souls that used to give you peace with their words are out of reach as well, for obvious and understandable reasons.
    I wish I had been brave enough to comment when there were interesting and helpful discussions going on, instead of staying in the shadow, but English is not my first language and that made me feel very inadequate.
    Anyway, I learned a lot and I want to thank you for all that you’ve given me, your words have been very important (and healing) for me, and to know that you’re back made not only my day but my whole month. 🙂

    • Hello backintheforest 🙂
      Thank you! Welcome!
      My work is crazy right now hence the delayed reply. Also, I have no laptop or PC so writing is difficult to say the least.
      I hope to write more. Typing up posts on a phone will really be a labour of love!!

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