The hand that makes the media…rules the world

Back in the day (1999), I was sat in my dorm room smoking pot with a young American woman, an Iranian guy and an American Jew.

The two men broke out into an argument (quelle surprise)  that got gradually more heated, because the Iranian believed that the numbers of Jews murdered in the Nazi hollocaust had been exaggerated by the media for political purposes.

My friend and I weren’t phased, but were little annoyed that they were spoiling the moment, before she shut them both up with an insightful comment.

She said, “Joe, if you were born in Iran, and Amir, if you were born in America, you’d still be having the same argument but from the opposite point of view”

She was right, of course.

But at the same time, there is such a thing as objective truth.

Finding the objective truth is difficult. But there are a couple of tools you can apply.

As a general rule, those that have the biggest media platform, are the most powerful. Those that have the least, are the least powerful.

You can also add another, less reliable, measure to the mix, which is: Does this ring true? This method relies on subjectivity,  but it can be helpful sometimes when you can’t decide whether the movie you’re watching, the news you’re reading, the stats you’re looking at, the class you’re taking, are actually offering you truthful and accurate information.

Radical feminists have a platform of a handful of unmonetized blogs, mostly archived now. Most blogs have been closed, shut down. Radfems get the odd conference here and there, which are never televised. The odd book. Going by my rules radfems are pretty powerless.

By comparison the Jewish media platform is overwhelmingly powerful.

By the time I was 15, I had seen more than 10 American movies about the Holocaust, as well as countless documentaries on this topic. Since that time even more Hollywood movies on this topic have been released.

Let’s be clear. I believe the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews.  I’ve been to Bergen Belsen in Germany, seen the Nazi propaganda. I believe the numbers are probably about par. It rings true. I also don’t think there’s any wrong at all with making innumerable movies about the history of your people being put in concentration camps. On the contrary, it’s morally right.

But just to give you an idea of how powerful the Jewish media platform is.

In my lifetime I have seen:

One movie about Britain during the second world war. (I have seen some documentaries on this)

No movies about the witch-craze, in any country. There’s a documentary flying about made by some Canadian feminists. Hard to find online. I’ve never seen it televised.

No movies about Hiroshima.

Not a single movie made by Native Americans.

I have yet to see a single movie about the Russians murdered during WW2. Some figures estimate that Hitler killed up to 30 million Russians. Hitler killed far more Russians than he killed Jews. Never seen a movie about it.

After the war, when Stalin came to power, he  murdered a further estimated 40 million Russians in concentration camps all over Siberia.

Mao Zedong murdered 60 million in the twentieth century. I’ve read one book about it, written by a Chinese woman. Never seen a movie about it.

Pol Pot killed 7-8 million in Cambodia between 1963 and 1997. I found out about that from reading a tiny article in a woman’s magazine when I was 16. Cosmopolitan, I think. Random. It had sneaked past the censorship on account of it being a woman’s story, and therefore a “women’s issue”.

I’ve seen a couple of movies about African slavery. I know that some have been released recently, actually made by Africans. They’re not in cinemas nearby.

No movies about the Aborigines in Australia.

To be fair, the U.S made a good attempt at atonement for Vietnam. I’ve seen plenty of American movies about the atrocities committed there. But I’ve not seen any movies made by the Vietnamese themselves. Very telling.

I’ve seen one Indian feminist movie about Pulan Devi televized in the U.K.

And obviously no movies about what the British, French, Belgians and Spanish have been up to in their colonies around the world, in general, and how this still affects politics today.

But why would I, a non-Jew, and a non-Russian, living in the U.K, have seen more about the holocaust of the Jews than all  the other, just as important, just as terrifying, historical events?

The obvious answer to me is, some people have the power to create a worldwide media platform, and some people don’t.

Those who have the power, are the ones whose stories we hear about. To be a legitimate movie, to me, the people whose stories it tells have to be invested in it. So movies about prostitutes, for example, made by men, don’t count. The movies/documentaries have to be made by  prostitutes,  or at least funded by the particular group in question, to have any significant contribution to furthering understanding. And it’s no good you telling me “but I’ve seen them“. Because my answer would be “well, why haven’t I?”

There was an interesting British movie a few years back about Eastern European sex trafficking. Interesting, until the woman had to have sex with the journalist Brit good guy who saved her, because he let her stay at his place to escape the Moldovian pimps.

Right at this moment there is media footage available about a protest march being held by thousands of Jewish and Palestinian women. This is a good united front. I am not suspicious about the motivations. However, I am suspicious as to why the media is reporting on the march. When looking at that part of the world, you absolutely cannot avoid the undertone of Jewish colonization of Palestine. The fact that in recent history and ongoing today, the Palestinians have been the targets of genocide at the hands of the Jews, is being overlooked. As is the fact that Israel has weapons of mass destruction.

Don’t think the surrounding Arab and Persian countries are unaware that the U.S has its hand in Israel, and has got strategically placed atomic weapons bang in the centre of the middle east. The Muslims are terrified.

Which makes me think the media is reporting the women’s march, not out of any particular interest in women, but because it erases what the Israelis are doing in Palestine.

I’m glad Jewish and Palestinian women are finding solidarity and friendship with each other. It rings true that the march is based on female solidarity and a desire to end bloodshed. And besides, it’s not Jewish women’s fault at all. Jewish women have had a raw deal with the creation of the Israeli state. I’ve not yet read Scapegoat, but Dworkin wrote passionately about the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis in Right Wing Women. She has also written about how Jewish women were dominated by their own men upon the creation of the new state in the twentieth century, how extraordinarily difficult it was for Jewish women to get a divorce, for example. She sees Jewish men as having a masculinity complex due to having been persecuted, which of course they take out on women. And the religion, of course, is no less misogynistic than any other.

You see, this is what Iranians think. They think that the holocaust of the Jews was exaggerated in global media in order to justify Zionism in Israel, and the deaths of Palestinians. And I am personally against the Jews setting up shop in Israel , turning it into a Jewish-governed state, just because their religious scriptures tell them they used to own this land thousands of years ago.

You can’t just use military might to undo history which took place thousands of years ago.

Unless you can.

Unless you are powerful enough to have the military and financial backing behind you. Israel has been relentlessly killing Palestinians for decades, backed by U.S money. Yep, backed by Jewish money.

Powerless people can’t get their land back. Women. Native Americans. Africans. The Welsh. (Lol, that old joke of the Welsh people still existing. Are the Welsh not gone yet?) aren’t able to get their land back from the colonizers. And yet the Jews are able to create a Jewish state based on distant historical land grabs, and in order to do so they throw the people off their land and put them into camps? That’s power.

And the reason I’m writing about media black outs and propaganda is because it’s always relevant to feminism. Especially in light of the fact that we don’t know what type of media other women have been privy to, how much of that media was propaganda, and how the media in their respective countries is censored in general. I think this might be the root of many misunderstandings between women in feminism, when they’re working with women across cultures and countries. We take it as a given that women are coming to us on a level playing field, that they have had access to the same information that we have. That their education has been similar. And we mostly prefer to trust our own media.

So trust noone then? Well, not really. Radfems have had to create their own media. This is what the blogging always meant, to me. There are certain bloggers, and commenters, that I now trust to be authentic– even if I disagree with their points of view. And this is the starting point. Then we learn from each other, build on the truths we know, share knowledge. Radfems are soothsayers (truth-sayers), if nothing else. We also have to be visionaries, to live on the outskirts of media and search for what is real. Mary Daly called this process “pirating”. We have to pirate information and smuggle it back to our sisters, and understand what is what. This is our work.


16 thoughts on “The hand that makes the media…rules the world

  1. I am truly glad that you pointed out the Women’s march! What does that prove again? Oh yes, that Women have a NATURAL deep LOVE for each other that transcends absolutely everything in Creation. If you take a Woman and shelter her from any contact with dick-bearers, you can be 100% that she would never have any sentiment of racism, stupid dumbing-down patriotism (nothing wrong with loving your heritage but you know what kind of PATRIotism/nationalism I am talking about; the “My culture better than yours, I kill you”- male kinda thing that a LOT of Women have adopted as well), no sentiment of superiority towards another Woman whatsoever, a natural deep compassion and respect for all Life forms, and do I really need to keep going? I am sure that, deep down, all Women know what I am talking about here. We do not give a shit about the puerile male conflicts, we do not give a shit about controlling every aspect of Life, because We have no fear. We know We ARE Life; We have no reason to fear Ourselves. But men do, as it threatens their “survival” (from their perspective), their very existence; they are scared of death, of ceasing to exist. Yet non-existence is yet just another Beautiful aspect of Life; the resting, sleeping aspect. They are necrophiliac yet fear death like it is the most horrifying thing in existence. Ah the irony!

    Now now, I think my comments and articles must be highly triggering as it seems my e-mail has been hacked literally 5 days after its creation and publishing in the web. Quel accueil from my fellow phallus-controlled beings! And here I am just trying to be encouraging, share some wisdom and empower Females of the world! Trying to do something nice for a change! But nuuuuh teh males do NOT want Female empowerment, We could realise that their existence is meaningless and get rid of them! Don’t worry males, there is no such thing as “meaninglessness” in Life. Everything has a reason to BE. I am not surprised though, men never liked a good challenge, which is why they resort to lowly mind-control. Although I do admire their perseverance! And here I thought I could have some fun with this world’s male people; guess I will have fun on my own 🙂 and with whoever will join me, in due time.

    As for Women being powerless; We are not, We have never been (although We SEEM to be, of course). We are birds who have no idea what wings are used for. We were taught they were fins, and all along we have tried swimming with our wings, in a male’s world…whilst we should have been flying. Should ONE Woman learn to fly, every other Woman will automatically awaken to the awareness of what wings are for, should She only accept the “new” reality.

    Keep them coming Cherry~ Your articles are a lovely, gentle Light shining upon my Darkness-filled heart~ I do love my Darkness, but some Light can’t hurt (besides the Dark realm is a boring one after a while :< )! ❤

  2. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    -William Casey, CIA Director. (1981)

    Cherryblossom, I wasn’t going to comment on this post because, according to a Washington Post article last week, and an equally shoddy organization known as PropOrNot, I am a Russian sympathizer who has been brainwashed by Russian propaganda, “fake news” and Putin. I plead guilty and hang my head in abject shame and misery. I have been duped. I had no idea. (End sarcasm). Truth is, I love Russians because I have had wonderful, immensely cultured, highly educated Russian friends across my lifetime ..and highly cultured, highly educated Syrian friends, and highly cultured Iranian friends, and Iraqi friends etc. etc. I dislike them being collectively portrayed as dupes of “dictators” or primitives simply because they do not belong to our supposedly ‘superior’ Western culture. You talk to people from all over the world for years, study their history, study geopolitics and your view of the world is not parochial, narrow and hateful. ……And you can spot many of the lies in the Corporate Mass Media. I watch out for propaganda and disinformation, the reason for this comment.

    During the early 1990’s. a team of Israeli brain researchers placed a group of subjects in an fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery)in order to observe their brain responses during the viewing of a movie. That movie was the 1970’s spaghetti western classic, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

    What the brain researchers discovered is that the emotions of the movie viewers were being “played” like puppets on a string by the (obviously absent) movie director/puppet master. When the director wished to evoke a particular emotion in a scene, that emotion was exactly what the movie viewers felt: fear, terror, suspense, mirth, contempt, disgust, and political partisanship: the “good” guys are always good-looking and wear white hats, the “bad” guys are ugly and wear the “black hats.” Hence, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

    The Israeli brain researchers were working in a new area of neurobiology; that of the study of the Social Brain and its behaviour. More specifically,
    they were observing the functioning of the amygdala: an almond-shaped portion of the brain located in the limbic system/ emotional brain. The amygdala is also known as the “fear response” or “fight or flee” centre of the brain.

    All our lives we have been told that “love rules the world” and “love is the strongest emotion” and “love triumphs over hate” but that is not only false but dangerously naive.
    It is fear that rules. Terrify or terrorize any human being and you control her or him.Terrify or terrorize any human being (in particular children) for a prolonged period of time and you possess their “soul.” They become puppets and you the puppetmaster. This is how Stockholm Syndrome occurs, how PTSD occurs, how brainwashing occurs.
    Even, and most especially, brainwashing or programming an entire population or Western world via mass media.
    To be continued because this comment is too long already…..

  3. Do you think that the puppetmasters of our world/societies do not understand the power of invoking fear and other strong emotions in populations in order to control those populations? They have been studying and implementing mind control and programming methods for thousands of years. (Religion, anyone?)
    Propaganda techniques have been especially perfected over the last century.
    Re: the book “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) is the bible.
    Re: “The Century of the Self”: a four-part BBC series, available on Youtube, outlining the influence of Bernays on modern Western society.

    However, back to the Israeli brain researchers.
    Whenever we watch a movie our prefrontal cortex (the supposedly “rational brain”) suspends disbelief. When the movie ends, despite the roller coaster ride of emotions during the viewing, an adult viewer understands that it was “only a movie, only fiction.” Unfortunately, the human brain is easily tricked.

    For example, what if a fictional movie is presented not as fiction but as truthful, factual News on a mass media channel: BBC, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox etc? And what if an entire generation/ generations have been deliberately “dumbed down” by an education system with false history (always written by the winners), with no critical thinking skills taught, with no geopolitics taught……viewers with no awareness whatsover that, for example, the US economy is a “war economy” and would collapse if it did not conduct continuous wars?

    This is the world we live in today. I very much want you to disbelieve what I have written. I want you to research it yourselves to understand how deeply brainwashed to believe lies our society has become.
    President Obama passed a law this year (I think) that makes propaganda and deception of the American public lawful. The Western Media is a monopoly of very few corporate players: our global puppetmasters. The Germans call them the “lying press”…..and so do I.

  4. Cherryblossom, my previous two comments, with their simple descriptions of Social Brain research, were offered for a targeted reason, which I did not complete because I did not want to clog up your blog. Here is the addendum: The Good, The Bad & The Totally Evil.

    Thus: Recent neurobiological research has discovered that psychopaths/sociopaths have different brains to normal people: an amygdala that is not responsive to fear. That makes psychopaths fearless, emotionless,cool, calm under extreme pressure, lacking in empathy and conscience. Some neurobiologists consider this brain anomaly a developmental disorder whilst others tentatively suggest a “super predator” genetic sub species of human walking amongst us. I go for the latter “super predator” explanation.
    Depending on very conservative estimates, between 1-4% of the population is a Psychopath. Importantly, psychopathy makes little distinction between the female and males sexes, although there are fewer female psychopaths in comparison to male. Supposedly about 1 female Psychopath to 10 males.

    Psychopaths are instinctively drawn to power, high power positions and control over others. And what are the most high power position today? The political class, this including financiers, bankers, mass media CEO’s etc.
    Studying all this research was like a revelation for me.
    “Of course,” I thought, because naturally evolved humans did not live as “social animals” in societies of millions or billions of individuals but in small clans and tribes.

    In small tribes, anyone with psychopathic tendencies would be identified fairly quickly and removed because disruptive, uncooperative and parasitical. Eskimos in the past used to push them off the ice into the water to get rid of them. Instead, today, psychopaths are hidden in plain sight, modern society raises them to highest levels of prestige and power; psychopaths also often endowed with charisma, together with the ability to tell Big Lies with no sense of remorse or guilt. They also have their armies of “enablers”: normal people such as ourselves who are unable/ do not wish to see through the mask of evil until, perhaps, it is too late.
    There is a large amount of good quality research on this if interested. For example, you may google, Ponerology 101: The Political Psychopath on

    Also the excellent book (referenced by many) titled “Political Ponerology” by Andrew Lobaczewski, available for free download.

    What this means for feminism is that we should all get to know our amygdalas better…and those of others. And our ideal societies would be small tribal ones to spot the psychopaths. Unfortunately, even women.

    • I researched psychopathy before I got to radical feminism.
      However once you have an understanding of radical feminism this research no longer applies .
      For example is a woman who aborts her baby because it’s a girl, or who binds her daughters feet a psychopath? Or is she trying to navigate a female hating world the best way she can?
      We are living under male law. Men decide that a woman who cuts off a mans penis is a psychopath , whereas she might just be behaving according to natural law.
      With regard to wanting power, again , under patriarchy, is a woman who seeks this psychopathic? Or attempting to adapt ? And at any rate women have no power at all .
      What women can be , though, is handmaidens . Yes, they can be misogynistic too. I’ve known women who hate females as much as any man. These are the women who we need to be wary of, of course. They are bullies but can also cause real harm. I feel they tend to gravitate towards jobs where people are vulnerable . But perhaps outside of patriarchy these women wouldn’t behave like this. We can’t know. And because we have no control study– as in, we have no examples of women born outside patriarchy, then we can’t know if psychopathy is innate in women or if it’s an adaptation to their environment .

      Men, however, well , that’s another story…

      • Cherryblossom, I’ve thought a lot about this because personal experiences forced me to. I agree with you that a woman aborting a child is not psychopathy. If that were true then I would be a psychopath and I know I am not. A women attempting to survive in a man’s world is survival, and the survival instinct is the strongest instinct we have: far stronger than fear.
        Nor could I ever disparage a woman who stays with a violent husband. I understand what Stockholm Syndrome is and personally understand its hold.

        However, can women do no wrong according to today’s feminism, just because she happens to live in a man’s world?

        My own mother is afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Her sister was, as well. Both of them were vicious, gratuitously violent, extremely abusive women lacking in all empathy. All they ever thought about was themselves and how they could manipulate those around them to their advantage. They were pathological liars. Even when it was easier to tell the truth, they both lied. They scapegoated their daughters their entire lives.
        My mother was also responsible for bringing into my childhood a very obvious paedophile. She did nothing to stop his abuse. In fact, she enabled it; enabling it for almost four years until the day I finally understood that if I did not help myself, no one else in the world would.
        Almost my entire life I made excuses for her, “Oh, she’s not very intelligent. She didn’t know what she was doing. She grew up in a highly authoritarian environment” etc.
        I was wrong. My mother scores very high on the Narcissistic spectrum.

        Narcissism is on what psychology terms the Dark Triad spectrum: Narcissim, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy, with psychopathy being the worst for levels of manipulation, lack of empathy, gratuitous sadism and pure evil. I think Sadism has today been added to make that a Dark Dyad.

        Then there is the critical factor that psychopathy et. al are not mere personality disorders caused by environmental or societal factors but very real structural brain anomalies: the amygdala.

        Today I strongly believe that is is not only unethical but immoral to believe “all women are good inherently. It is only patriarchy that distorts their personality and behaviour.”
        Such a conviction absolves all and any very real crimes committed by any woman who, today, may conveniently hide behind the skirts of feminism with the excuse, “the big bad men made me do it.”
        This is co-optation of feminism.
        Other women then become enablers of those crimes, hence complicit.

        Sorry, but that is where I get off the feminist train. I have never been an enabler and refuse to ever be one. That does not make me misogynist.
        It makes me a woman- a highly woman identified woman her entire life- who acknowledges and accepts new evidence of human nature when she finds it: no matter how bitter or abhorrent.

        That purest evil, depravity and gleeful sadism can exist in both men and women, even if in women to a lesser percentage of the population than in men, is something that I accept. It changes nothing about the rights of all women to self-determination.

      • Yes fair enough. But even psychopathic women don’t fall outside political analysis. We already have a term for them: handmaidens. Not all handmaidens are psychopaths, but all psychopaths are definitely handmaidens.
        I think you’re right to point out that women shouldn’t necessarily trust other women, and that some women take glee in female suffering. Yes, they do. And i agree they should be held accountable. We still don’t know if this is their natural form or whether they’ve been tainted by living under patriarchy. We can’t know.

    • For practical purposes then, not theoretical ones, we should understand that women can be dangerous psychopaths, yes. Important for women to know that other women can gleefully enact violence and torture upon other women.

      • For practical purposes, in fact. I never wish to offend anyone with my comments – the very furthest thing from intentions- and I hope I have not done that. At school I used to humorously call myself the Advocatess of the Devil (not for any sinister beliefs) but because it has always been my nature to question everything and look at things from all viewpoints. I keep question marks in my mind always and tend to adjust views if ever valid evidence appears. I’ve never liked group-think and find it dangerous.

        In male politics, I am not left, right, progressive, conservative, communist, socialist, whatever because I see the whole damn political system as just another male game of divide and conquer and distraction whilst the rich men create the neo-feudal totalitarian system on a global scale that they are working towards. I have only ever been woman identified.

        Which means- returning to the original argument of this post- (mass media) is that I am very suspicious of that mass media today suddenly hopping on the feminist bandwagon. To me that is clear co-optation.
        It is the easiest thing in the world to mouth feminist slogans and hide behind the skirts of feminism for political motives far away from feminism and very detrimental to the societal status of women.

        Because of past work I read a lot of international finance news on independent, high quality, evidence-providing alternative media sites from all over the world. Some of those sites were the very same that the Washington Post (a well-known CIA operative newspaper) listed last week as being “fake news.”
        The whole reliably informed world is laughing….and I thank the Washington Post and PropOrNot for giving me leads to new sites I was not aware of.

        I’ve found the only way I can put together an evidence-based (instead of pure emotion-provoking progaganda based) picture of what is really happening in the world is to read a whole lot of sites with differing viewpoints. IRL I loath those who lie to me on important matters. They are instantly removed from my life and never trusted again.

        Such is my relationship with the Corporate Media; the last year like living in a world gone totally insane with reality turned upside down. With a financial background you can spot the intentions and understand what the Corporate Media is working towards.
        During the 1990′,s I read a book titled “When Corporations Run The World” (David Korten). Pluperfect title would be Corporations Run The World….because that is the truth. And they manufacture consent with plebs such as us – via blatant propaganda- in order to gain our compliance.
        Bread and circuses: Roman Empire style.

  5. Correction: When Corporaations Rule The World was the correct book title, and Washington Post as a well-known CIA “organ” rather than “operative.”

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