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What does the process of fact-checking mean for radical feminists, who already know that everything they read, even in the alt media, is patriarchal?

One of the first skills we learn as radfems is to wade through layers of misogyny in order to get to any grain of truth that might be embedded in any  particular article. Misogyny and the invisibilization of women’s role in historical or even current events is par for the course. Men overemphasize their role in both and ignore or write out women’s.

We know we are lied about in porn and in movies. The lie is that women like degradation, enjoy their dehumanized status. This is the necessity of porn. It is the quintessential patriarchal propaganda. Getting a group of people to wallow in feces is dehumanization in its purest form. Hitler made the Jews walk around covered in shit. Pornographers make women do the same. Any other group degraded like this on film, and there would be an outcry.

We either absorb the lies, or we learn that they are lies and seek to understand how they are used to consolidate our role and men’s treatment of us.

We learn, for example that as childbirth became medicalized, and midwives were sidelined, the maternal death rate increased. Which is the exact opposite of what the majority of articles and books would have us believe. We learn that Nobel prizes were given to men, who had used the stolen work of women. We learn that female authors of old were using male names. We understand that the fact that women discovered DNA, the universe and so on is hidden and obscured. We write online anonymously, because we’re not supposed to have a voice. And when we find ourselves being run off the internet by rape threats, we learn that women have things they want to say, but aren’t allowed to say them.

We learn that there has been a genocide of women in western Europe and not only are we not allowed to mourn our dead, but we’re not allowed to speak of it, lest we face hatred from all directions.

Patriarchal lies are in every newspaper, every magazine, every news report, every movie. Even the most seemingly benign and innocuous ones. In what was arguably my favorite article of FactCheckMe she took down a feminist man, who claimed he was on women’s side, and wrote on behalf of women. She analyzed his writing, revealing the deep layers of misogyny that drove him, which he had dressed up in the form of concern trolling of women.

Without this radical feminist analysis, and by taking media on face value, we are liable to absorb patriarchal propaganda.

So what do we do if (as is happening right now) we get messages all over the place advising us not to trust articles and media in general? I have noticed there is a Google advert circulating on Facebook, which advises people to fact check sources using google. I have no idea why Google should be regarded as a reliable source, or why anything found on google would automatically be factually correct. Google made the advert, though.

It is becoming an even more dangerous time for feminists, if there is noise out there telling people that they should only read google-approved articles, or government approved writing and so on. It automatically casts anyone with an alternative viewpoint to the mainstream in a dubious light. Radical feminism is the epitome of alternative media and the antithesis of mainstream. We are the noisy women making our own media. Where does the current drive for clamping down on alt media leave us, when we are the only media of relevance to women?

American friends are telling me their media has been crazy over the past year or so and I have a hunch that I know why. First of all I want to say, it seems to be mainly America, this feeling of craziness and of not really knowing exactly what’s going on. So there is something in particular about American media that we should perhaps be looking at.

One thing that really surprises me is the lack of talk around Middle Eastern politics. Now, the middle east is my pet topic of interest, and I could talk about it forever, but I generally don’t on my blog, because it’s pretty obvious to me that any politics that isn’t essentially radfem is going to be male politics, and male politics is always about oppressing women. Patriarchy is the global oppression. And patriarchy is what must continue, and all media aligns to this aim. But Western Imperialism is a secondary oppression that I think it’s about time we start looking at, even just to get an idea of what men are up to– our own men, and men overseas. It’s good to keep abreast of these things, because it curbs the sense of bewilderment we might feel, when we’re not quite sure what’s going on, even as radfems.

And I think all routes lead back to the middle east, and how Muslims perceive the West, and the consequences of this for Americans. I’ll talk about it in more detail in my next post, but I made a primer on the middle east by discussing Israel and Palestine in my previous post.

Suffice it to say, after having had an interest in middle eastern politics for many years, I do think there may be some danger coming from that direction, from countries over there that have atomic weapons. I think that Americans, and Western Europeans might be in danger to some extent, yes.

But why all the obfuscation and secrecy?

Well, the clampdown on media in general might be to create confusion and obfuscation. Even though there is probably a tangible danger, it serves the state to have everybody bewildered and not quite understanding what’s going on. One reason for this is so that people, women especially, carry on business as usual. The clampdown on media might be so that women regain a sense of safety that seems to have been lost in America over the past few years. Women don’t have babies unless they feel a sense of safety.

Which gives me the impression the whole charade might just be about women. One can always hope. It might be that the upsurge of feminism in general online has begun to take effect. Meghan Murphy tweeted a few weeks ago that she thinks men may have underestimated the feminist movement. She might be right. One can always hope. The global contacts women have made might actually be threatening patriarchy. Women are angry, and they’re in contact with each other like never before. For the first time in history, in fact, women are becoming mobilized, via the internet. I think the internet is marvelous. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that all of us online writers and activists actually made a dent?

I don’t know if the media kerfuffle in America is because they need to regain control of the women. I can’t know for sure if the clampdown on free speech is about feminism or not. But it might be.


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  1. Again a very good and true article. Well, as Mary Daly said and wrote, don’t underestimate the “undercurrent”. In these times women are made to hide their knowing and feelings, and just go along with the craziness of patriarchy, and their mainstream “newspeak” and reversals.

    It is like that everywhere, not only in America. It is like that certainly in Europe. Don’t say or feel the truth, or…….
    witch hunt, as I said before. So, women dived deep into themselves and are forced to “shut up” in and on the outside. But this means nothing! Only an idiot tells the truth, if he has to fear to be attacked, raped or murdered for his words and knowing.

    But we all know, what has to be hidden gets stronger and stronger, until the lid comes off. By now it is not only women (well, they are of course the first target…..) but also men and all vulnerable people, (poor people, unemployed people, mothers, old people, working poor, who get targeted by the patriarchal Matrix.

    The hidden hand of the NWO plays their last walz. (Or not the last, but their favorite of course: ,… Divide and rule! Again and again;(——– and don’t you ever find out, you silly women, stupid bitches………!)

  2. “The development of patriarchal society is related to the invention of something that from then on was called “war”, and the development of patriarchy has been dependent on the continuation of war even in so called “peace times.” Otherwise, the people of the conquered communities and societies would have easily liberated themselves from the conqueror’s rule. The logic of patriarchy since then is the logic of war which means that all social institutions invented by patriarchy are principally drawn from war experiences.”
    – Claudia von Werlhof, “Capitalist Patriarchy and the Negation of Matriarchy.”

    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger.

    “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be protected by a bodyguard of lies.” – Winston Churchill, grandmaster of truly fake news.

    Fact check: Telecommunications Act of 1996. It was the first overhaul of telecommunications law in more than 60 years. The act, signed by President Bill Clinton, represented a major change, most especially in its deregulation of media ownership and cross-ownership. In contrast to one of its stated aims of “allowing greater competition” (Orwellian Newspeak for “It’s Global Monopoly time, multinational corporate boys!”) what has occurred since 1996is monopoly ownership of the global mass media by a small handful of companies, with massive cross-ownership by a same group of “players.”
    Fact check: about 80% if not more of US media is owned by only 6 corporations. As of 2015, Comcast is the largest media conglomerate in the US, with Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox, and Time Warner following. In nations described as “authoritarian”, concentrated media ownership/monopoly is considered something very close to complete state control over information in direct or indirect ways.

    Fact Check to read and absorb: both PNAC (Project For A New American Century) and Full Spectrum Dominance.

    Cherryblossom, you can see where I am going here. This is such a mine-fielded argument, that I am laying out a series of easily verified premises and facts firstly: the Full Spectrum Dominance via propaganda of our minds.

  3. A quick story in order to frame an argument:
    When this commenter was eight years old, I was taught how to play the game of chess by a family friend. The game was taught to me, coincidentally, on a national holiday of wartime remembrance; historical day on which thousands of soldiers had allowed themselves to be killed because “following orders.”
    I immediately recognized the similarity of chess to war. My adult chessmaster agreed, informing me that “chess is the game of life: the bible of life. Understand its rules and you understand life.”

    At eight, I already understood well that children were used as pawns (“prawns” to be first shelled and then eaten as I used to say) in an adult game I did not understand. I subsequently became an enthusiastic chess player for years, my strategy that one small, insignificant pawn always won the game: guerrilla pawn warfare. That pawn was symbol for myself, until the day I realized that, even if one little pawn was successful in winning games for various kings and queens, I had never asked myself, “Who owns the chessboard?….Because who owns the chessboard also makes the rules: the true winners each and every time. The owners of the chessboard own the world.”

    That lead to studies in economics, international business and finance: the New Religions of the patriarchy. I read my mountains of textbooks gleaning everything I could from them: always with a guerrilla feminist eye. I was still that eight year old “prawn” wanting to know everything about the world in order to “not be shelled and eaten.”

    In consequence, today, I firmly separate my feminism from global geopolitics because, the Macho Man patriarch down the road or MRA dude is not one of the “owners of the chessboard.” I understand that the chessboard owners won the war on women millennia ago. Since then we have been under “containment” in case of guerrilla warfare outbreaks. The grass-roots feminism of the 1960’s/70’s was one such, almost immediately infiltrated by the Masters of the Universe (Rockefeller Foundation etc., CIA and others as proxies.)

    They used certain women to infiltrate the feminist movement and even become leaders of it. Today’s heavily adulterated Corporate Feminism the result: puppets for the global chessboard owners; pawns for their foreign policies. They use women today as consensus for their wars: as “dumb, stupid animals” and “prawns to be first shelled and eaten.”.

    Stop here. To be continued because building up a case.
    Fact check: Zbigniew Brezinski. Author of “The Grand Chessboard” and present-day foreign policy advisor for President Obama.

    • That’s a good point bronte71, do we separate feminism from global geopolitics, despite knowing that global patriarchy is the overriding oppression? I have to agree with you, that in order to properly understand what is going on it is useful to sideline feminism, while we work out what men are up to, specifically at this moment.

      The reason I have written this post looking at feminism is just to make the the point that all patriarchal media is propaganda. However, just out of the sake of personal interest, and out of the sake of sharing ideas and information, I would like to step outside of feminist politics for the next post or two.

  4. Cherryblossom, you wrote: “I don’t know if the media kerfuffle in America is because they need to gain control of the women. I can’t know for sure if the clampdown on free speech is about feminism or not.”

    Apologies for three comments so far, but I can tell you with a resounding “No” that the media kerfuffle has nothing to do with gaining control of women or feminism. For fact checks, I would need to give you an encyclopedia length of source references that are undeniable to anyone with knowledge of global economics, finance and geopolitics. Forgive me, but I just don’t have all those source references at hand. If you have about a year of free time to research, I could do it for you.

    In short, what is occurring at present in the USA, and everywhere else in the Western world by extension, is all related to economics. The global economic system is predicated on continuous growth: impossible on a planet of finite resources: in particular fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas), rare earth minerals (for all the dumb phones, computers and other technology we have today), land, soil and water.
    And guess which places still have lots and lots of those things to steal and plunder by the financial and Military Industrial Complex Masters of the Universe? You guessed it: Russia, Iran, and to a lesser extent Libya and Syria. Do you see a “Let’s demonize and wage war on those places!” pattern there?

    I comment here because I believe the arguments Cherryblossom are proposing are so critical. No other commenters? Please!

    • People are reading, although not commenting. The stats are pretty high.

      Yes absolutely. I have had a keen interest in the middle east since I was 18, since I left home, and as I said in a previous post I “made my home among the Arabs”. I have also studied and worked in Russia for a year and speak Russian fluently. Knowing about this part of the world is crucial to understanding what is going on with regard to American media right now.
      I live in Asia, but Asian politics are not as important or pressing for Americans right at this second.
      As I mention, I made a primer on Israel and Palestine, which I see as being critical to how the US is perceived by Muslim countries across the middle east, and is critical for what will follow.
      Now that I’ve got out of the way the issue that pornography is patriarchal propaganda, a tool of political warfare, and got the point across that women cannot expect truth from media, in general– well now I can move on to discussing the issue of middle eastern and muslim states in general being in posession of atomic weapons, and the fact said countries are becoming more than a little disgruntled with the U.S

    • It’s western imperialism were talking about and this is what I want to look at in my next post.
      Will mention again that western imperialism is a secondary oppression , global patriarchy is the primary oppression
      But if you want to think in terms of assessing risk and safety for American and Western European people then you have to analyze western imperialism

      • Yes, it is western imperialism we’re talking about but I was tip-toeing delicately around the concept because I didn’t want to offend anyone.

        “Have you never thought to yourself that maybe, just maybe the government of this country is not exactly innocent with regard to the chaos in the middle east? And that not everybody in the world loves us? And that the media is lying to you about it all? Because, in my personal book of life, if someone tells you something to make a case for war, they are never telling you the truth” I commented to a friend a few weeks back. Fortunately, she understood.

        One of the reasons the corporate mass media is pro-war is because the largest mass media companies are owned by those who support the militaristic agenda, hence profit from it either directly or indirectly. For example, NBC, was owned by General Electric, one of the largest defense contractors in the world….which directly profits from wars, terrorism, and chaos. NBC was subsequently sold to Comcast. I’m certain more could be discovered via research.
        The above snippet of “fake news” information was courtesy of an
        Information Clearing House article I read yesterday titled 7 Reasons That The Corporate Media is Pro-War.

      • It’s interesting you say we have to tip toe around the topic for fear of offending people. This has absolutely been my experience over the years. Discussing Israel is absolutely a no-go area because you’re automatically accused of racism or anti-antisemitism for saying you don’t think the Israelis should be killing Palestinians. The Jews have had a rough ride, that’s for certain, but where is the voice of the Palestinians? They haven’t got one. So I won’t be put off with accusations of racism for discussing politics.

      • it’s interesting and disappointing how radical spaces (including offline spaces and conferences) are dominated by discussions of trans at the expense of almost everything else. several years ago (say, 2010) trans hadn’t hit the mainstream consciousness, and there was a total blackout of trans criticism in general feminist circles. it was important to break the silence and lay the groundwork for trans criticism then. it’s different today, as we now see that the mainstream doesn’t really (and will never) accept trans because it is just so ridiculous. It’s a terrible, unfortunate blip… like lobotomies and other disproven psych theories and practices- soon enough it will be discredited. We are already starting to see that today, and we can be confident that trans has a limited shelf life. Bloggers like gallus and 4thwavenow continue to do important work, as they are rigorously documenting events as they unfold. They will be considered the primary sources when people look back with horror at the current state of affairs, and try to work out how the mass sterilisation of children and attempt to eliminate gay people could happen. And it is critical that women push back at the very real legal challenges trans represents, because once laws protecting women are rolled back in the name of trans rights, it will be so much harder to get them reinstated, even after trans is discredited (which will definitely happen, eventually, and probably soon).
        So i don’t think women should take their eyes off the trans ball completely. however, i question the endless ENDLESS chitchat on the topic, everywhere, in every reddit, fb group, forum and conference. can we talk about something else? at least some of the time? Like the bees? which men’s agriculture has almost succeeded in killing off. As far as the environment is concerned, this is the end times. A couple of decades ago, eco feminism was its own niche, but these days we don’t have that luxury.
        Cherry, thanks so much for giving us something other than trans to think about. The way you have drawn subjects like food security, the witchcraze, and non-western women’s knowledge together is advancing feminist theory. Please keep writing. It is so necessary … and so invigorating to have something else to read xx

      • Thank you Zinfandelrose, for your insights and comments.
        Gallus will go down in history for being the one who brilliantly documented how this all went down. As you say I don’t think we can take our eyes off the trans ball yet. Also, amazingly, lobotomy is still legal and practiced in some countries. Although it has been outlawed by Russia and Japan for example, 2 hospitals in the UK still carry out this procedure, one of them in Cardiff. So the dangers that the trans movement poses (sterilization of kids ) may have residual effects for some time.
        However, yes, the way that women simply will not talk about anything else but trans has an almost cultish mentality about it. It’s weird, I’m not sure what to make of it, to be honest. It seems to be a huge distraction. I always knew trans was a derail of feminism and it seems to have served its purpose perfectly.

        And thank you for appreciating the writing and for saying it advances feminist theory 🙂 I consider myself a writer first and foremost, an activist second. I’m wary that “professional radfems” read these blogs and it irks me that I might start seeing my own ideas turn up in books at some point in the near future, without anyone referencing me. It has happened before, not just myself. It’s irritating. But everyone knows the blogs is where the ideas and sparking takes place, usually in the comments!

  5. I like the analogy with chess and the chessboard…. well, we all know that the king is the king and when he cannot move anymore, game over. The queen, as in real life has to be very flexible. She can cross the board to defend “her” king. Well, nobody told us ever, that the queen can also leave the whole board alone
    and roam nature, waters and air besides the board. That’s where the future for real rad-fems probably will be. Maybe a little more poor, but definitely with more dignity.

  6. Check David Icke on the global “endwar”. It is all about energy and information monopoly. (Owning the chessboard) It’ s “the hidden hand” which owns and plays with all of us! Life and death doesn’t matter for these psychopaths.

    • Not a super fan of David Icke because of his “reptilians amongst us” theory. A bit too woo woo for my tastes. But then, what do I know? I’ve been wrong so many times in my life and will continue to be wrong on many things.
      I call the political class today Reptile People because they act like reptiles. Have you seen the movie They Live?

      However, I respect Mr. Icke for his being the first to have exposed the pedophilic class in Britain. He has done the world a great service.

      • Oh could you elaborate on that, about his exposing the pedophilic class? Obviously I am particularly interested in lies that are told to protect men’s right to hurt women and children.

  7. I forget when it was that I realized everything (except reading, writing, maths, and science) I had been taught at school, and had been exposed to in the mass media across my lifetime was one grotesque “Psyop” (psychological operation) of programming to make me into a compliant slave/citizen of our patriarchal society and to gain my consent to western imperialist plans.

    No, I do remember. It was while doing hundreds of hours of research (quality not woo woo) on the subject of 9/11: a taboo subject in ‘polite society.’
    In the US, where I do not live, I would be ostracized as a ‘truther’; sleazy little expression concocted by the Grand Psyop Vizards of the CIA; ‘truther’ together with its sister expression ‘conspiracy theorist’ both an extension of Operation Mockingbird. (Please research, the word ‘mocking’ should tell you lots: mock or ridicule those who question the official narrative/fairytale.)

    9/11 seems to to have been the One Big Lie Too Much for many millions of people around the world. You meet them on the internet. Rather than provoking “shock and awe” and inducing trauma in those people (the intended effect) it provoked disgust at how obvious that staged false flag operation was.
    It broke them out of the Matrix of lies we were born into and in which we live.

    Chonky, if you are reading (and I apologize for this), please google “Gladio Operation” and “the history of false flag operations.” Europeans or, those like me who have lived in nations where government sponsored terrorism is a proven fact beyond any doubt, do not brush off ideas of terrorism planned and executed by our own government as “delusions.” I used to live in Italy where, during the 1970’s, a Prime Minister (Aldo Moro) was kidnapped and killed by other members of his own government. The Belgians, Italians, Germans and others are very familiar with Gladio Operations. The English/CIA slur of “conspiracy theorist” holds no shrift with us because we live with known conspiracies happening all around us.

    However, once all the “imperialistic nonsense” (thank you, John Pilger) that you were taught at school has been exposed to you, once the One Big Lie Too Far has been deciphered somewhat, then you tend to move onto the other possible Big Lies and “sacred cows” that are taboo to touch: the holocaust.

    In a number of European nations it is illegal today to publicly deny or challenge the holocaust as a hoax. Revisionist historians – those attempting to rewrite holocaust history with scientific facts, analysis and documentation as evidence, are imprisoned and are sometimes forced to flee their homes.
    Is this the behavior of governments/authorities who value critical thinking and transparency? I leave that an open question.

    One of the inconvenient pieces of documentation – from the Red Cross organization which is well respected for its high accuracy in documentation – is that, according to their records, the number of deaths in all the concentration camps during World War II was, less than 300,000; most of those deaths from typhoid, and not all of the dead Jewish. (NB: I am writing this from memory and recall a figure of approx. 297,000. Anyone with a more accurate figure, please correct me.)
    At school I was exposed to grotesque stories of the skin of dead Jews being made into lampshades and the fat from their bodies made into soap bars: lies if anyone cares to research.
    To continue….

    • The holocaust in Germany is a taboo subject, isn’t it. Stalin had Gulags all over Siberia where he used to send people. Killed 40 million, that’s what I’ve read, but of course it could be exaggerated. But the Gulags remain standing. The Gulags are concentration camps, exactly like the ones the Jews were subjected to. Russians were put on trains and sent there for crimes such as being from a particular ethnic group, saying the wrong thing, or even being reported on by a neighbor. I learned about these things living in Russia as well as taking a Soviet politics course at uni.
      Nobody cares about the Gulags, and maybe that’s simply because it’s not western European history, and therefore not really our business to bother about. However it’s not an untouchable subject. You’re allowed to say “I’m not sure Stalin killed that many” .

      You’re not allowed to say “I’m not sure Hitler killed that many”.

      So yes. at this point it boils down to “who are we not allowed to criticize”.

      You are simply not allowed to mention Israel in English media. This actually gives me chills remembering times years ago, before I became a radfem, and when I used to write comments online. Any criticism of zionism brings out similar threats to your person as the ones women used to get when they criticized pornographers or trans. In the past year it has become more acceptable for women to criticize transwomen. But it is simply a no-go area in western media to declare that you think the Israeli massacre of the Palestinians is wrong.

      Interestingly it’s fine to criticize Americans for the atrocities they committed in Vietnam, so obviously it’s not that westerners don’t allow any criticism of their actions whatsoever. It’s that there is something specifically about the creation of the Israeli state that is off limits for discussion. Well it’s obvious to me that it’s the expansion of U.S power in that region because those countries have a lot of oil, at the expense of the surrounding Muslim countries.
      There is also the fact that I believe the Muslims in the region are live cannons actually, precisely because of what Israel is doing. Israel needs to back the fuck away from the Muslims over there.

      However, American people must rightly feel a sense of safety by the fact they’re allowed to criticize and mock Trump. There are no personal repercussions for doing so, as far as I see. It is right and just that we be allowed to mock rulers that we don’t feel represent us. If you mocked Stalin it was off to the concentration camps with you.

    • As for 9/11, it’s likely it was the government, who created the sharade in order to justify invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

      But also possible it was a disenfranchised group of Muslims with nothing left to lose. At the very least I think it’s possible that it could have been people who are extremely pissed off about Palestine.

      If it is the latter then the U.S might still be in danger today, and that’s why my American friends are reporting to me that there is a sense of frantic panic and confusion over there, created by the media.

      The non mainstream media is now basically allowing Americans to see how they are regarded by people in the region of the middle east (not favorably) and this is upsetting everyone. Before, the anti-American sentiments might well have been hidden by the media. Now that everyone is obsessed with alt media Americans are learning the truth and it seems this must be stopped, hence the recent clampdown.

  8. Cherryblossom, you have been accused of racism and anti-semitism for merely questioning?
    I understand the easily tossed out slur of “racist” as an Orwellian “thought crime” in today’s Thought Police PC environment. Our language is being controlled and altered much like that in George Orwell’s 1984: apparently being used by our puppetmasters as a How To manual…..alongside his Animal Farm and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

    Problem with being called a racist when speaking about Jewish matters is that the Jewish people are not a race. It is a religion; nothing to do with genetics.
    As for “anti-semite”, only about 15% of the Jewish population is semite- Arabic race- whilst 85% of the Jewish population in the world is Khazarian.
    The Khazars are a Mongol race, originating from where Ukraine lies today. They converted to Judaism en masse centuries ago. You can find their history online.
    The true “semites” are Palestinians, so how can you possibly be anti-semitic if you speak in defence of Palestinians?

    I always wondered why all the Jewish people I knew hailed from Hungary, had Eastern European features, and Eastern European surnames. Now I know: Khazarians. In fact, all the true semite Jews in Israel (Palestine) are treated as a sub-class of Jews: not very well. So who are the true racists?

    I wish to offend no one with this comment. Across my lifetime, despite being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned person, I have known true racism because I happened to grow up in a nation in which (and at a time) non-Anglos were not well received. For that reason, today I refuse the word “racist” being tossed around with ease by those who, perhaps,have never encountered the damage true racism can do. “Racist”, alongside “misogynist” should be used sparingly and with great care: not as thought stoppers.

    • Excellent point there bronte71!
      How can I be an antisemite if I speak on behalf of Palestinians. Gosh yes, I’ll point that out if I ever get into an onlne “discussion” about this again. (hopefully not)

    • What I am thinking, though, is where does this leave us with regard to the witch-craze. We know about malleus mallificarian. We know for a fact that by law, women could be killed as witches, and still are around the world.
      Are men going to use the excuse of “false facts” to erase their atrocities against women?
      Well even if they do, it hardly matters. Women can still discuss it between themselves. We know a witch craze took place. That women were murdered for being women. Still are. Men can’t undo that with denial.

  9. Re: David Icke and organized pedophilia.

    According to Icke’s website, his 1990’s book titled The Biggest Secret was about the British royal family’s involvement in and connections to Satanism and organized pedophilia; with people such as the British Prime Minister Edward Heath, Jimmy Savile and others indicated as Satanists and pedophiles.
    During that period, Icke was both ridiculed and disbelieved in mainstream society for this. What certainly did not help was some of his bizarre theories of reptile people and the Satanism aspect. The idea of royalty and other high society dressing up in weird Satanism costumes and cavorting in Satanic rituals in the dead of night in castles around the country is rather laughable. How the supposed Satanism went hand-in-hand with organized pedophilia is also difficult to understand. And Satanism? Satanism? Really? “Who are you trying to fool with such idiocy,” is probably what most people thought.

    However, Icke was vindicated in 2012 when the Jimmy Savile organized pedophila ring was exposed in the British media. There is lots to read there online if interested.Google: Jimmy Savile and pedophilia.

    David Icke’s writings of organized pedophilia rings and Satanist rituals (of child abuse on altars, child sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, necrophilia) operating in highest places (royalty, the political class, highest managerial class) are also confirmed by the Marc Dutroux Affair in Belgium during the 1990’s. The best place I’ve found for comprehensive research on this is the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics: isgp-studies.com

    If you read through their Superclass Child Abuse Research Center catalogue of research you will begin to get just a small idea of how widespead around the world and operating at the highest levels of society this pedophile ring is; not just Belgium, Britain, Australia, Norway etc. but global.

    In the USA, in 1989, what was known as the Franklin Coverup Scandal emerged; a Satanist and pedophile ring running all the way to the Bush administration and the White House. There is an excellent documentary available on Youtube titled “Conspiracy of Silence.”

    Now we arrive at the present day and I have nothing further to write because I know you admire Hillary Clinton. I do not. There is substantial evidence- related to her Clinton Foundation- that links her directly to child trafficking from Haiti and who knows what else? Yes, there is Satanism indicated there, as well.

    All the children (former victims) from all over the world, and at different times, are telling the very same story of Satanist ritual abuse and pedophilia.
    I believe the children.

    • Hi bronte71 , I have no particular admiration for Hillary Clinton. I just believe she didn’t become president because she was a woman.
      I am hearing now of her connections with a paedophile rink.
      As an aside, I believe that when I was a child there was a paedophile rink in my area. Can’t go into detail, or talk about it at all really, other than to say I believe there were some shockingly powerful and wealthy people preying on local village children.
      So of course I understand that paedophile rinks and child pornography takes place- and probably more frequently than we realize, and I believe it is extremely well to do “high society” people who are at the helm, no doubt about that . But also teachers, doctors and so on , all can conspire against the children . Sometimes maybe even the children’s relatives are complicit too. Terrifying.

      • Terrifying indeed. The original Women’s Liberation movement helped the abuse of women everywhere and throughout history become public knowledge. For that I will always be grateful.
        However, these days, it is the right wing conservatives, most especially the right-wing press and certain ultra-right wing political parties around the world who are helping bring the child abuse and organized pedophilia ring story into the public eye.
        Meanwhile, it the leftist wing of politics who appear to be attempting to “normalize” pedophilia: the next step after acceptance of trans. I give up sometimes. This world has become far too insane and upside down.

      • Yes I’ve noticed that too, that the right wingers actually appear sane in all of this. Our old enemy, conservative men, now seem friendly even, because of how fucked up the left is. Right wingers are the only ones opposing surrogacy, egg donation and cell research using the sanctity of life argument. I agree with them that these things are wrong. The left are pushing all three of these agendas , especially with its current drive to allow gay men to become fathers via surrogate

  10. “But Western Imperialism is a secondary oppression that I think it’s about time we start looking at” I very much agree with this and its probably where my interest in 3rd worldist communism started.

    • Yes communism is naturally of interest to radfems because of the class analysis as basis for oppression. Also, communism is kinder to women than individualism/capitalism, because of child-rearing. The idea that each individual should be provided for by the state ultimately benefits women.

  11. Cherryblossom, one more comment, which should really be on The Hand That Makes The Media Rules The World thread. I apologize.

    In Mary Daly’s body of work, she often mentioned the “background”;place where women may eventually find themselves once they expose the lies of the patriarchal world we live in. This “background” or “outside the Matrix” as I term it, is what fascinated me most about Mary’s work. She wrote about “mind bindings” and how we must strip them off one-by-one. For that purpose, this comment:

    As already expressed, I view the patriarchy as a “War System”, the three Abrahamic religions as promotion/exaltation of a God of War; this God of War having overthrown earlier neolithic matriarchal structures of small-scale societies, at least in Europe.

    The War System is structured with a strict “top down” hierarchical chain-of-command. You have what some term the Plutocrat Elites or TPTB (the powers that be) at the very top, various Generals, Lieutenants, Sergeants, whatever on the way down, with the foot soldiers at the very bottom: the common male plebs; all of whom the warmonger Henry Kissinger (former US Secretary of State) termed “dumb, stupid animals used as pawns in foreign policy.”
    Identically to Kissinger, I also view all military men as cannon fodder for an interminable series of wars but, in so-called “peace times”, they are used to keep women down. The cleverest of the military men see the War System very clearly. They have for a long time. They understand that war is a racket that benefits only the Elites at the top of the chain-of-command. They understand that those Elites never risk their lives by entering a battlefield but, instead, finance the battle: from both sides.

    NB. It is widely known that bankers finance both sides of wars. Hence, whichever side wins, it doesn’t matter to them, because they always win by ending up richer.

    Today, what many who study this War System (together with the rise and fall of empires in the past) see is a United States with the most powerful industrialized military complex the world has ever known. Almost 50% of the US economy is based on the military. Should that military spending drop, the US economy would collapse. The US needs a President who will continue to prop up and endorse that military economy and spending for that reason.
    What War System analysts also see is a NATO that, after the fall of the USSR in 1991 (year?), has no reason to exist. There is no more Cold War, no more “commie threat”, hence, a useless NATO. Hence, the need to create another Cold War by hook or by crook. (Beat those war drums, mass media. We need the consent of the masses for Moar Wars.)
    To continue, this comment long.

  12. War System 2: So who is/are at the head of the War System? As far as those who study it surmise, it is a group of international bankers who also have their greedy fingers in every transnational corporation “pie” in the world. They have shareholdings and cross-ownership that looks like a spider’s web of, principally, arms and weapons dealing, agriculture, food production, pharmaceuticals, medicine and…..mass media.
    Incidentally, Henry Kissinger also famously commented once that “who owns food production in the world, owns the the world.)

    Lower down the chain of War System command are the gatekeepers, one of which is the CIA; initially established to to topple foreign regimes or leaders who stood in the way of Empire building. The list of toppled regimes is long. The CIA also keeps an eye on domestic “regimes” that may be a threat to the’ Empire: hence its infiltration of the women’s movement in the 1960’s.

    Then there are the “social engineers” such as NGOs (non-government organizations) and various charity organizations around the world that are used to manipulate the masses.
    And so on down it goes. Mary Daly’s “background” is a difficult place to reach, all of the mind-bindings impossible to remove unless you remove yourself entirely from society; the Signal to Noise ratio too high (with a 24/7 blaring mass media) covering the exits to the Matrix and entrance to the background.
    That, by the way, is not an endorsement of the alternative media: to be used with highest discretion also.

    NB: If this sounds critical of the USA, understand clearly that I love the American people. I lived in the US for two years and consider that period one of the happiest in my life. It is your government of which I am critical; ultimately in the hands of people who don’t give a damn about anyone’s welfare but their own. Much love.

    • Glad you point out NGOs. I do think they are a form of colonization, dressed up as a sort of charity. The people I’ve met from central Europe tell me that local staff can only get a job with an NGO if they have an insider connection. A young Uzbeki woman I knew who was studying human rights and intended to return to her job at the NGO afterwards,got the job because her uncle was some high up politician in Uzbekistan.

      • Transnational NGOs are scary. I’ve only recently started to look into them. The name of George Soros – international multi-billionaire with Nazi background- keeps coming up.
        He owns so many of them, so many “charitable organizations” also, including the Tavistock Institute.
        Only recently have I come across “social engineering” or “social re-engineering” as a concept, which is the use of behavioural psychology and Freudian psychiatry to re-engineer the human species.

        If that sounds whacky “conspiracy theory”, it is not.
        For my MBA I studied a subject called Organizational Behavior, which outlined basic behavioral psychology, in relation to the work environment and corporations. Today, the elites (who own those transnational corporations, NGOs, government think tanks, charity organizations etc), in cahoots with the intelligence agencies, are using the massive amounts they know of human psychology to re-engineer the entire population in western society.
        They already know how to program the “perfect soldier” (a sort of emotionless, robot Terminator in human form).
        They have been programming us for many decades into the “perfect slaves”, as well: via the mass media, in schools, via neuro-linguistic programming, and other techniques I have no idea about.

        This is why I found your entree into the area of mass media analysis so important. They are also, unfortunately, beginning to use radical feminism against women, as well, turning everything the women’s movement has worked for upside down for their own purposes.

        As for NGOs, again. Yes, they only want members of the “privileged” as employees – people with contacts to or family relationship with the oligarchs- because such individuals are already “halfway in the club” and easy to indoctrinate into the “mission.”

      • I remember the Blood Donor vans coming to the high school when I was a child. We had no say. I was anaemic anyway, but they still made me give blood. barely made half a pint.

        I never realized how utterly disgusting this was until you just mentioned it. Children giving blood? So old men can live a bit longer? I get more disgusted with men’s rule every day.

  13. i think there is widespread mistrust of the mainstream media which is only growing, especially after things like the WMD lies used to justify invading iraq, and all the advertorials and paid content generally. people simply assume the mainstream media is telling them half-truths at best and outright lies at worst, and they would be right about that. google can issue as many public service announcements it likes about checking sources but people are still more likely to trust their echo-chamber facebook feeds these days, for better or worse.
    It does leave the question – where do you go to check facts? Not wikipedia, that’s for sure. i have been following a story for years which involves a big institution doing bad things, and the people who are investigating and trying to expose it. The investigators are unable to change the wikipedia page so it reflects a neutral point of view. Every time they try to add something, a senior editor deletes it. They reject every source from the investigator’s side, for never being good enough (even though there are mainstream articles and documentaries dating back 20 years) but won’t apply the same standards to sources supporting the institution’s side. Neutrality is simply not possible under these circumstances. The investigators are men, so they are dismayed and appalled by this kind of bias and censorship. It’s much less surprising to women, especially radical women, who are used to it by now.
    Wikipedia is a colossal failure, and even the men are realising that now. At least traditional encyclopaedias and books had publishing oversight, so you could know the publisher’s biases from the outset and engage with their material accordingly. And the people who collated the info and checked the facts were known quantities, with names, faces and tax records. Unlike a wiki editor who is simply a username and an IP address, and who may or may not be a paid shill. Wikipedia is not just as bad as traditional sources of knowledge, it is much, much worse, because of its assumed neutrality. “Anyone can edit”, we are told. That’s their damn motto. But in practice only some people can edit, and we aren’t even privy to who those people are. this supposed neutrality is gaslighting, nothing more. but wikipedia is all we have these days.

  14. Re: “…could you elaborate on exposing the pedophilic class? Obviously I am particularly interested in lies that are told to protect men’s rights to hurt women and children.”

    If this is a serious area of interest, how far down the rabbit hole do you care to go? For a while I have been of the conviction that the radical feminist worldview as it stands today is nowhere near complete: which is why I am glad to see you expanding on it.
    In many ways, by refusing to analyze the global political environment, it is missing the big picture: movements towards total control and servitude of the entire human population – by various means- by a small group of people.
    Call them Elites, the .001%, the whackadoodle-named Illuminati, Reptile People, Psychopaths at the Helm or whatever. Their name does not matter. The fact that they exist, appear to be functioning in a highly organized and cohesive structured way, and operate in the real world with immense power does.

    It has been my view for some years that the suppression of women was only the first historical step in whatever hell is happening in the world. Yes, there was a witch-craze, the global theft of women’s land and means of food production, this moving forward over centuries of patriarchal accumulation, leading into the globalized economic structure we have today.

    As a former child victim of a pedophile, some of the stories emerging today of former surviving child victims of the Elite global pedophile rings have elements similar to my own. I understand their stories of dissociative/traumatic amnesia of parts of their childhood because, until only twelve years ago, I suffered from the same amnesia.
    I understand their stories of various mind control techniques used on them – hypnosis and other- because I am familiar with that, too. As a child, I used to wonder if my own pedophile was operating from a secret manual that was passed around by and common knowledge to his type. i remember where he used to live and calculate the short distance to a today-exposed Elite pedophile ring, including former Prime Ministers, judges, politicians, police, priests and others. I understand today why the police and Catholic priests refused to help me decades ago.
    As a child, I used to think, “I’m smarter than you are, you illiterate hick. You’ll never hypnotize or control my mind.”
    I was wrong. In truth, I was never hypnotized or mind controlled by my personal pedophile. Instead, today I realize that I had been both mind controlled and betrayed by a society that refused to believe or help me.

    And that is exactly what society is moving towards today: the wholesale betrayal of all children by various means of “social engineering”; the normalization of pedophilia only the beginning.

    Today, as are other people, I am beginning to look into the work of the Tavistock Institute (it was scary for me even typing that name), with its original connections to Sigmund Freud: known cocaine-addict and pedophile who popularized the Oedipus Complex; the Big Lie that children, from birth, are “sexual beings” sexually attracted to parents and elders.
    Then there is the further work of Alfred Kinsey: father of modern day “sexology” and another pedophile whose writings state that children are “sexual beings” from birth.

    In short, our western societies are being deliberately and progressively “depraved” not only by porn and the pornification of women, but of the wholesale sexualization of children with all that implies regarding the control of their minds and lifelong behaviors. The rabbit hole goes deep, with not “just” organized pedophile rings in highest places but the programming of children’s minds via “sex education” classes/curriculums that make me vomit.
    Then there is the the vast child-trafficking market in third world countries, organ trafficking (from those children), blood harvesting (from those children) and who knows what else.

    I read one man’s comment on a site last week: “This is not just about pedophilia. They are harvesting the human race. We are cattle to those people.”
    I have question marked that in my mind. Women were the first cattle for men. Now they have moved on to the children.

    • Bronte I think I was also a victim of this elite. I have been having memories since I began writing for the hub. It lead to a complete breakdown. They are returning again. I’ve reached the point where I might even talk about it, I’m not going to obviously go into great detail, but I will discuss the issue in a general sense in a couple of posts.
      I have met 2 people who I would say are of the “super rich” in my life. One as a child, one a few years ago in Japan (not Japanese. Western European. I won’t be specific). They’re not the ostentatious type, the ones you see in Russia and China for example, parading their wealth. They’re not the celebrity types. They’re a tiny group of extremely powerful people with mainstream jobs. Porn is a sideline for them. They’re above the medical profession, above the law (police). They are old-money, cultured, multilingual, highly educated and beguiling and evil through and through.
      It’s only after your comment here that it struck me that “pedophile class” is very apt. They’re not high class, they’re higher than that. They’re the pedophile/pornography class.

      It’s not that pornography and pedophilia makes these men powerful, it ‘s that all men who manage to reach this class are interested in pedophilia and porn and have the power to carry out their whims and fetishes.

      The police do fuck all. Prancing around seizing computers of punters– what a joke. If the police wanted to find out who is really at the helm they could even use google to trace these people. They’re not even that secretive. But the police would rather seize computers, giving male policemen the opportunity to watch kiddie porn “in the interest of understanding the case” or whatever bullshit excuse they use to watch it. It’s the child pornographers they need to target, and they won’t. Any lay person who really put their mind to it, could find these people and infiltrate no problem. But the police won’t do it.

      The only people I’ve ever seen really try to tackle these people is a group of thugs who beat up the local pedophile. I think pedo-bashing is an excellent use of men’s time. It’s a community service, well worth carrying out and men who do it have my blessing. These low class thugs hate the police too. I’m not sure pedo-bashing goes on any more. It happened when I was a child. But the waste of space police? I don’t think I can even bear to talk about my hatred of them.

      I think the police know about the pedo class, and this class is able to ingratiate itself with certain members. Suffice it to say the pedo class is above the police, therefore above the law.

      • If you only dare to threaten them, they will accuse you of exactly that crime. (Whatever… Paedophilie or rape, of false accusation….) Even if they don’t have any evidence. (Reversal, remember? false flag-strategie) They can ruin your career and your life. As they do now with rape cases, where they blame the women. Victim blaming. They try to silence you and put you in the “mad corner”. Maybe, if doctors are involved, you end up as a nut case in the psychiatry.

  15. Re: The hypnosis is a recurrent theme in child victim testimony. They really do seem to be working from a secret manual that they pass around.

    As for the return of dissociated/buried memories, “flashbacks” etc, yes they can cause breakdowns.
    Do not ever consider this any “defect” in yourself. Do not consider it a “failure” of your strength of character. Don’t consider it a “flaw” in yourself. On the contrary. Be extra kind to yourself because, if you are exhibiting those symptoms, sure as hell the world has not been kind to you.

    My own “breakdown” was a whopper and turned my entire life upside down and inside out: a roller coaster ride of grief, despair, utter disbelief of what was happening to me, rage, and finally acceptance.
    It took time, a lot of patience and mountain loads of reading on trauma. I also went through what are termed the “Five Stages of Grief.” (From the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.) It is an emotional process of change and acceptance.
    I used to think I was “unbreakable.” I was wrong.

    On the practical side, it is well-known today by the best traumatologists (female), that women who have suffered abuse in childhood may only begin to suffer symptoms of extreme anxiety and stress, return of dissociated memories, and other in middle age (pre-menopause, usually).
    If they have children as you do, symptoms of distress or memories may re-appear in women when their children are reaching the same age that the mother was abused. It is the mother’s body “remembering” the abuse in order to protect her children in the present. Does this sound like you?

    As a middle-aged woman, I was one of those who went into “meltdown” a few years before onset of menopause. Today I view it as my body doing a total detox: ridding itself of a lifetime of accumulated stress; a re-balancing or equilibration of the “humors” of the body, so to speak.
    I look back at things today with a, “Well, that happened. That was my life and I could do nothing about it at the time.. At least now I understand. I will never forget again.”

    I haven’t found Mary Daly’s “background”, yet. But I’m working towards it.
    Much love.

    • Dear bronte71 I feel so much as you do. I was working with raped women, went with them to court and I cannot describe the ignorant and arrogant treatment of these women. It was victim blaming at it’s best. Some girl/women were only 16 to 19 years old. I got so furious I could have killed those lawyers. After that I had my “meltdown” and refused to work for any male institution anymore, or deal with one of those dickheads, rapeists or arrogant morons anymore. I read Mary Daly and left the patriarchal matrix for good. I was never raped as a girl, but my sexual encounters as a women were definitely more rape than love. I was the object for his fantastic penis, nothing more. That also is enough, thank you. And then the way they treat women in general. It’s just sick! Who do they think they are, really?

      All I want to say, you don’t have to be a victim of child abuse to really get to hate those ignorant bastards. Ah well, did I mention, that they all
      (my so called boy friends) wanted some money from me. (Probably because of their fantastic acts. ) Sick! They are mad, all of them, without any exeption. I have the “honor” to only been ripped of financially, and manipulated and lied to and charmed into things I didn’t want in the first place. Well, I still hate them, but I just avoid them, unless they “work for me”, like gardener or painter. And where I live now, they are nice. (In distance) But I refuse to let them live with me, or cook for them or anything.

      Abuse has many facets. “They” use them all!

      • “Abuse has many facets. They use them all.”

        A heart-felt yes, to that.
        Although, at this point, I no longer feel hate towards men because, at least for me, I’ve found that hate requires too much energy to upkeep.
        It weakens rather than strengthens me.

        Today, instead, I just view all men as born predators and have adjusted my behavior and life accordingly.
        Predators cannot help but be predators, in the same way that a scorpion or venomous snake can do nothing other than bite.

        As for the victim blaming by police, courts and, by extension, the general populace, that caused your ‘meltdown’, I understand.
        The very last book on trauma I read after my own ‘meltdown’ (last book because I needed no other after that) was the brilliant Betrayal Trauma by Jennifer Freyd. Within it, she states that betrayal by society and its institutions is what causes major trauma. (And its directly related dissociative amnesia.)

        Something clicked in my mind after reading that, and a lifetime of stress symptoms just melted away as if by magic.
        It was the “magic” of understanding.
        I finally understood with no doubt that society in general just doesn’t care about female and female children abuse victims. They don’t want to know because it disrupts their ‘bubble world’ existence and causes cognitive dissonance.

        Paraphrasing the comment of a former childhood victim of extremest and prolonged (ritual) childhood abuse: “Not being believed by the public is worse than the years of abuse itself.”

        Indeed. Betrayal.
        Once you understand within every cell of your body that society betrays women and girl children constantly, using them as sacrificial scapegoats in order to avoid sense of personal responsibility and action, then that society no longer holds any authority over you.
        If you are in a place of (relative) safety, you can then move on to organizing and living your life according to your own rules.

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