Blogging hiatus


One thought on “Blogging hiatus

  1. Dear CBL, before this hiatus the topic of discussion was western imperialism and its various subterfuges of fake news etc. They are topics so emotionally loaded for so many people that introducing them anywhere takes courage.
    At the same time, it is like voluntarily treading into a sea of merde.

    In a previous comment, I stated that I am neither left or right of the patriarchal political landscape because I have always viewed both (artificial) sides as essentially the same.
    Communism and capitalism I also view as almost identical in that both are centrally-controlled authoritarian structures that can never work for women as a class because they are designed to always work for the benefit of that small group of people that some choose to call the Elite, and others openly specify as “Anglo-Zionists.”

    This year I have on my reading list the massive geopolitical, Harvard history professor-authored “Tragedy and Hope.”
    Its author, Carrol Quigley, was one of the insiders to the group of Anglo elites that run our world, hence, all that he writes about secret societies and their various geopolitical global strategies and the NWO (New World Order) can in no way be termed “conspiracy theories by tin foil hat wearers.”

    The book is referenced continually on geopolitical sites and is highly trustworthy because the ‘young elites’ are given it to study in order to understand the rules of the ‘great game’ that the “useless eaters” and slave class (us) are not supposed to know about because we are considered illiterate and too stupid to care.

    In the interests of sharing (western imperialism and its true history) information that may interest you, a summary of Tragedy and Hope may be found on the website
    Very best and warmest regards.

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