Marriage in Wales and Miyazaki


3 thoughts on “Marriage in Wales and Miyazaki

  1. One always learns a thing or two on your blog Miss cbl. 🙂 I was raised in South Korea and have memories of great parties and parades at funerals. Here in the states, folks usually wear black, hold their head down and have a generally morose experience. I do prefer the festive atmosphere.

    Hope you feel better soon, but I must admit, speaking for probably most of us, your video posts are pretty awesome!

    ps. YOU do not look like a bucket of shit.

    • Wow I didn’t know you were raised in South Korea, Chonky. That’s very interesting . Yes some countries have festive funerals don’t they. We tend not to cry at funerals but it’s still morose . The Irish and Japanese, however, have a “wake” to see if the dead will wake up with lots of drinking and laughter .

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