6 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Femaleness is real. Femininity is not. To me, that poem is not radical feminism. It is Robin Morgan’s capitulation to maleness.

    • I know Robin Morgan gets a lot of criticism in radical feminism. She was an academic too, apparently, so no points there for her.
      It’s a tough one, Mary. I feel her revolutionary zeal in this poem. Her capitulation to madness as a way of coping with what she knows.
      Many women come to radical feminism after birthing males and this is something that can, and must, be dealt with. We are doing it in our own way.
      I agree that the mention of her husband is disconcerting, and I would prefer that it wasn’t in there. But she says she loves him less each day. I don’t see this poem as a capitulation. It made me really cry, when I read it. It made me see the completeness of radical feminism.
      But that’s the thing about poetry, It’s a poem, not a manifesto, and I see things in it that you might not, and vice versa. To me, the poem is 99% perfect.

    • By the way, this post got views from Algeria, Brazil and Germany. Also Albania and Thailand. Not just the usual Canada and Australia and U;S so it must have touched some people not normally interested in this type of feminism. I see it as a good thing.

  2. This portion of the poem seems like a porthole to but a sliver of her own journey, her awareness.

    By the way cbl, I had insomnia last night, and around midnight (my time) my phone pings and it was your new post! I turned up the volume and began drifting off to your voice. So, thank you! My mom use to read Brothers Grimm at bedtime. That is so wrong. LOL

    Yes, we ARE stronger together, but through varying unpleasant experiences, I also know most people have their own agenda, that may not be suitable for overall unity.

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