Hedd Wyn- Rhyfel (War)


11 thoughts on “Hedd Wyn- Rhyfel (War)

  1. Thank you very much for that. Your reading is very affecting to me … as I see it is for you. That is the first time that I have heard the beauty and the melody of the Welsh language. What a gift to this old Anglo! ♡♀

  2. Heartbreaking. May I ask the average age of the “boys” sent to the war grist mill? Perhaps I am daft but a very quick Google search came up empty.

    I so look forward to your video posts. Your inflection and facial mannerism gives your words an added dimension. Thank you so very much!

    • Hi Chonky, I’ve asked my Welsh friend your question. She studied Welsh history in Welsh, so hopefully, she’ll come up with some answers. Hedd Wyn was actually 30 when he died. Because he was unmarried, I had assumed he was younger. I’m not sure of the average age, but I know each family had to send a son, so the ages would vary. He was a shepherd, who left school at 14, so the fact he could form such a poem was quite something. Sorry to talk about men. I do think the gentler men have all been eliminated by now through various genocides.

  3. this touched me to the point of tears. thank you for speaking the words of a tender-hearted, gentle poet. welsh is an extraordinarily beautiful language.

  4. I understood that Welsh was enjoying something of a resurgence in recent times. You would also be pleased to know that it was one of greetings given in 55 languages included in the golden record that accompanied the Voyager 1 spacecraft into deep space ‘Iechyd da i chwi yn awr ac yn oesoedd’. The Welsh was spoken by Professor Frederick Ahl who was born of English and Irish parents, schooled in Wales and now an American professor of classics and comparative literature. He believes that liberal Arts education is dying there (and elsewhere), but that’s another subject entirely.
    There are striking reminiscences of the Royal Welch Fusiliers in World War I(archaic spelling because founded in 1689) in the Robert Graves ‘Goodbye to all That’ memoir (yes, Robin Morgan appropriated that title!). Everyone should read that harrowing first-hand account of the war.

    • Thank you for your insightful contribution.

      Since the 1970s the Welsh have been attempting a resurgence. However, if you go into your average pub in Wales, at least in North Wales, where I’m from, people will be speaking English. The English still use Wales as a holiday resort.

      I found a Welsh language movie, written and directed by the Welsh, about “Hedd Wyn” on youtube. It’s in 4 parts.

  5. Yes, history seems to repeat! As far as I know, this is also the reason and way all the matriarchies got wiped out. Also the kind and softhearted boys (men?) get just as mobbed and verbally assaulted as women. So sad really. Like that we are always set back in real human evolution. And so it is always the powerful, so called “winner” who will write the story = his-story!

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