The Day I Met a Healer


7 thoughts on “The Day I Met a Healer

  1. I had such an experience decades ago, with a lesbian-separatist healer. We were at a gathering. I cut her hair for her, and she healed my back.

  2. couldn’t resist commenting on this one. my boyfriend (thought i’d wind up with a woman, but that’s another story) is the same sort of healer as steve. my chronic illness and pain are beyond my control, but when he touches my worst, deepest pain–or even looks into my eyes–it ebbs. it never goes away completely, but the worst of it is replaced by warmth and something else that’s dark and beyond description.
    male healers definitely exist. any good human with true gifts and generosity is targeted for removal; the difference is women are always assumed to be the enemy, and men have a chance to “prove” that they’re indeed in lockstep with the other sentient penises.
    i may be a hobbyist scientist, but i readily acknowledge that human energies are incredibly powerful. perhaps true healing requires alchemy, whether in a cocktail of drugs or in kind interaction for its own sake.

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