The Day a Priest Tried to Convert me


5 thoughts on “The Day a Priest Tried to Convert me

  1. So excellent that you were carrying Mary Daly in your handbag! 😀 And then, with all your talk of the trees and the air and the wind you did a banishing spell on him. A great story; thank you.

  2. What a creepy encounter! I am glad he couldn’t hook you into going to church! A note on Mary Daly, though – she was NEVER a nun. She studied systematic theology a la Thomas Aquinas, earning the doctorate in sacred theology, the catholic church’s highest degree.She also studied philosophy, which was her first and main intellectual love, and earned a doctorate in that too. She was never pious and had no desire to be a nun or to “minister” to anybody. I am presently reading her autobiography, Outercourse, for the second or third time, and enjoying it more than ever and getting so much out of it!

    • Ah, my bad. Thanks for correcting me on that. I thought she was a nun after reading “Beyond God the Father”, and that it made her leave the church. I’m mixing her up with Sonia Johnson, who wasn’t a nun, but as excommunicated, as far as I understand it. Beyond God the Father was so powerful and personal that I probably felt she had to have been really involved in the church to write it. She probably just had a catholic upbringing. I’m not sure I’ve read Outercourse. I find Daly too painful to read these days so haven’t read her for about 4 years now.

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