Butch lesbianism is NOT heteronormative


11 thoughts on “Butch lesbianism is NOT heteronormative

  1. That was great! The classism thing is so true. Also, there are many butches who, no matter how hard they try, cannot perform femininity. Not for love or money … :-/ ….

    Like you, I have never known a violent butch.

  2. Interesting post. Being a Butch lesbian, there has been clashes of wills with identified ‘Radical Feminists’. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart you kinda get us. 🙂

    Also, if I may add one more thought on the Butches are mostly working class due to numerous factors. I believe you are correct, some of us are unable to work for “da man” and have created our own cottage industries, started our own business’, and or used our own talents from our previous education or talents to sell our services, sometimes being able to charge small fortunes in the process. 😉

  3. I’ve met plenty of Butch Lesbians who are misogynist, aggressive and violent, objectify women, mimic hetero relationships, and perpetrate domestic violence. Butch Lesbians are like any other group of ppl. There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. You should know better than to patronize or stereotype any group of ppl. We’re human – both perfect and flawed, just like everyone else.

    Women just don’t have the structural power to benefit from it nor do we compare to the wide-spread, epidemic and systematic violence of men or their level of violence and depravity and its sheer magnitude. But at the end of the day, we all walk down the street as women – lesbian, het, bi, celibate, and assexual alike. Second class citizens and the target of male control, oppression and violence. Patriarchy just likes to tailor-make and personalize it for each one of us.

    • I’m making a comment on the political theory that butch lesbians are heteronormative– I disagree with it. I also disagree with the running stereotypes in radical feminism about them. That being said, they have the ability to be misogynistic no doubt.

  4. butches arent *necessarily* heternormative but i am also tired of them being put on pedestals or being seen as these amazing trailblazers or something when so many of them do step over femme lesbians too. They may fantasize about their chivalrous nature, but just like you find in race and class strained environments there is a perpetuation of violence. I find the pedestalling of butches to be a very white/eurocentric phenomenon because of white womens sensitivity/hostility to being “feminine”. (im not saying all butches are white though, not at all)

    • I think the experience you described more so describes lesbians in general, having better socialization with women, i wouldnt make it specific to butches. In my experience lesbians generally, of all types, act more decent and are generally not hostile.

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