I am a radical feminist.

I stand in support of the genius of Andrea Dworkin, a woman who brought us the idea that pornography was a power base for patriarchy. All of her writing is mind-blowing. It’s worth becoming a radical feminist just for the fact that you’re finally able to read real writers. Reading Heartbreak changed my life forever.

I love Mary Daly, Germaine Greer’s, Sheila Jeffreys and an untold many other women who have written for the cause of women.

I defy those who say that global  patriarchy does not exist when evidence shows that all important positions of power are taken up by men. And they do a woeful job of being leaders. They control our food supply system, our factories, oil, government, anything of power and “importance”. They lie about women constantly, and they are forever appropriating the work of female scientists and pretending it is their own. It was a woman who discovered the universe, and a woman who discovered chromosomes and yet, despite their constant mistakes in the field (read Cordelia Fine to find out how men have behaved in “science” and how they reach shoddy results through guesswork), people believe that great scientists are men. This is what Mary Daly calls “patriarchal reversal.”

I want to see patriarchy fall, and it will. It is destined for extinction.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. YES!!! I agree with you. Patriarchy is the cause of alle injustice and evil and violence here. I also want to see it fall. Patriarchy is the Matrix which hold us all as prisoners and slaves. What they do to the earth, they do to women and animals. Plunder, exploit, rape and kill. …. in the name of politics, technology or religion. Patriarchy-Matrix is the 4th dimension, which keeps us all in 3D by Trauma, so that we cannot break free.

    I love your blog. It seems to be the last real rad-fem. blog unfortunately. Where are all the strong and intelligent rad.-fems gone to? They all closed their blogs.
    Witchwind, Twisty Frazer (lemonade) and other female thinkers. All gone.

  2. Hello
    My name is Nathália and I’m a brazilian radical feminist who really appreciates your blog.
    I read your text “The Life and Death of Virginia Woolf” some time ago and I really want to translate it into Portuguese.
    Do you give me your permission to do that?

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