Bridget Jones’ Baby- Review

Like most (all?) of us, I don’t know a single radical feminist in real life. I assume it’s easier if you live in a big city. But we can’t isolate ourselves from life, so if a friend invites me to go and watch Bridget Jones’ Baby, I’m gonna go– and spend a bit of time in female company.

Well fuck me, I’m glad I went. This was the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen in terms of plot and in terms of giving me a good idea of what teh menz are up to, what they’re plotting, how they plan to blindside us next.

Bridget Jones is a  43 year old heterosexual, with a fabulous career and apartment.  She’s lonely and wants more. (Gaslighting already. If you have a fabulous career and apartment you’ve made it. There isn’t anything else. Adding a baby to the mix can guarantee you will lose your fabulous career and apartment.).

All her best friends have paired off with men and have kids. So after a hard day at work she needs someone to hang with.

“At least you can count on the gays”.

And then it turned out that she can’t count on them after all. Because now even “the gays” have gone off to have babies–adopted from 3rd world countries, which is a fucking heinous crime, by the way, and an abomination that men are committing right in front of our noses and getting away with in broad daylight.

She has two one night stands, then finds out she’s pregnant. One guy is an old-flame, a rich lawyer type, and the other–an exciting millionaire American. She doesn’t know who the father is. She ends up telling both of them. She refuses the amniocentesis, which would disclose the DNA of the baby, on the basis that it would cause miscarriage. As someone who is interested in health, I thought it was good to see a woman refusing the advice of a doctor and taking the decisions of her body into her own hands.

Both men decided to stand by her, competing with each other for her affections. This is the closest I’ve seen a movie portray the more natural order of things. Men not knowing who the father is– and all being nice to the woman just in case the baby might be theirs. But in real life, men would probably become extremely violent towards the woman, perhaps even kill her for being a slut. So this was again more gaslighting. Telling women it’s safe to sleep with whoever they want because men will just quietly concede that their role in reproduction is negligible.

They won’t. Their egos can’t take it.

See I thought this was interesting, because the patriarchal narrative is that men produce babies, women are just vessels. Which is why it’s extremely important for men to know exactly who the father is. This is why women were made into chattel. And yet here we have a situation where men are being shown as superfluous accessories to the reproductive process. Why? It almost seemed like a concession, of sorts. Like– now you’re allowed to be a single mother, allowed to sleep with who you want, and  men have decided to release the reigns somewhat– in the name of women having babies. Sex positive feminism, I guess. As long as women keep those babies coming.

Being a single mother is a disaster. I’ve experienced it firsthand. Some women carry it off with grace and fortitude. Many many others fall through the net and become destitute, prostituted, or simply have their children taken away for not coping properly.

The narrative of single mother empowerment is designed to feed the upsurge of liberal politics. Women will be required to become surrogate mothers in greater numbers than ever before. Gay men now require babies. Single men are regarded as “disabled” under new World Health Organization guidelines– meaning they are entitled to have a baby of their own. Men seem to be saying it no longer matters who the father is anymore– as long as those babies keep on coming from the cabbage patches. As long as the storks keep on bringing them.

Let’s just ignore the  untold amount of maternal deaths annually. And before any dude says “but western women have it good”, the US has one of the highest maternal death rates in the world, because it has the highest intervention rate at hospitals. In other words, dudes fucking it up for women in the labour room  by trying to “help”. (Or more likely just actively trying to hinder) So no, there is no western woman privilege, as far as maternal life and death is concerned.

Now Bridget’s mother was was running for election. In an interesting twist, when she found out her daughter was to be a single mother she changed the slant of her politics from right wing family values, to supporting “single mothers and homosexuals”. As if  single mothers are automatically on the same side as the men who actively plot to rob them of their babies.

On the night she goes into labour, she couldn’t get to hospital because the roads were blocked off due to some women’s rights march.  You can’t make this up. One of her friends arrived and said some “lesbians were blocking the road”. Everybody tutted.