Radical feminism as psychological disorder

There is an article floating about the internet entitled “Radical feminism as psychological disorder.” It is written in a faux academic style, purporting to be based on logic and objectivity. In fact it does not address radical feminist politics at all; on the contrary it explicitly avoids them. Therefore, it should be dismissed as a propagandist piece slandering radical feminists as people without even paying lipservice to their politics.

The point of this post is not to prove the article wrong, (because that is easily done, and I shall do so in a moment) but to muse on the confident way that it has been written. What astounds me, constantly, is the lack of humility or modesty of people who are simply wrong in their facts. They’re not embarrassed. They’re not ashamed. They’re confident that they can write lies without ridicule. It is the intrinsic confidence of anti-feminist writing that forever fascinates me.

For example, men are supposed to be politicians and scientists. And yet anti-feminist articles such as this one have no grasp of political issues at all. Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender cites many examples of men who wished to see themselves as scientists who created endless shoddy experiments without any controls, whose hypotheses, once analyzed with a scientific eye, fell apart.

The article is based on Freudian psychology and religious text. It slanders radical feminists, declaring that women are in the movement because of personal vendettas. The truth is that it is irrelevant whether or not a radical feminist has experienced abuse at the hands of her father, because radical feminism is a movement based on evidence, facts and statistics concerning precisely who hurts women as a class, when they do it, how often, in which countries, how old they are when it happens. It also deals in other fact based evidence such as: precisely who is in government, supposedly representing us; who runs the food supply chain; who owns 90% of the world’s land and property; who are the world’s poor. We have data, and it is from this data that radical feminist theory begins.

That articles like this, denying the basic tenets of a fact-based political movement, can even exist at all is interesting. Through this kind of writing you begin to see the lies that are necessary to uphold the flimsy castle of cards that is patriarchy. The lies must keep coming and keep flowing, perpetually. Facts mean nothing. Truth means nothing. Andrea Dworkin found that men could look at a woman being tortured on film and they could declare that no harm was being done to her, despite the pain and bodily damage she was experience, because free speech.

Because free speech”

And we’re still there, right where she was. Up is down, war is peace. Where truth tellers, scientists and analysts are declared to have a psychological disorder for stating facts, and those who perpetuate the atrocities radical feminists want to bring to light, are not criticized for having a psychological disorder.

This is called patriarchal reversal. It’s important to note down these reversals whenever we see them, and shine light on their dark spaces.

A quote from the article:

“Radical Feminism is a psychological disorder (psyche is the Greek for soul) because unforgiveness is a disorder of the soul. When a soul is trapped in unforgiveness, the person’s thinking is clouded and the behavior self-destructive. These unforgiving women are modern Medea’s, who will sacrifice their own children to satisfy their need for revenge against unfaithful men. “


I find it interesting that the article talks about women forgiving men. It almost reads like an admission of guilt. And so when people write articles saying radical feminist should forgive, then perhaps they should be more specific. They should hold up specific crimes and ask us “Do you forgive this?” They can ask “Do you forgive us for the millions of women we killed in Europe as witches?” and then we, radical feminists, can decide whether or not we’re willing to forgive.







Doctor assigned sex…

FCM analyzed how women’s reality, and the truth of women’s experiences, are hushed up, covered up, ignored, belittled and disbelieved. The propaganda that is spouted in news outlets, schools, churches, books and elsewhere is superimposed onto female reality, effectively invisibilizing it, or dissappearing it.

This is how a whole girl child becomes a patriarchal woman. The process of constantly ignoring, not just female reality, but female truth, renders a girl unable to recognize female suffering.  She can recognize human suffering, but not female suffering.

What this means , at best, is that when a man and woman have the same bad experience, the man’s experience is defined as worse . He has suffered more. He has suffered authentically.

At worst, it means that women’s suffering is defined as being either inevitable, unreal, non-existent or even pleasurable to her. Because it is only happening to women. Both men and women are capable of expressing great empathy and pity towards male rapists and murderers of women. It also means that if women attempt to express the truth by putting forward their perspective or point of view, they are punished for it.

in pure lust, mary daly dissects the patriarchal process of erasing and replacing womens lived experience and female-centered reality with male-centrism: the psychic castration of women that removes the thorn of female knowledge and experience from the side of patriarchy.  or…removes the burr of femaleness from under the patriarchal saddle?  i dont know.  but apparently womens lived experience as women, constituting sexual class:female and womens awareness of it all is irritating enough to the patriarchal powers that be that they willingly invest much time and energy into subverting and destroying it.

through brainwashing with patriarchal propaganda, and literally murdering women who dont comply with patriarchal mandates, women are taught from day one that womens reality isnt real.  at least, its not the one thats going to get you anywhere, or anywhere worth being, and it could actually get you in quite a lot of trouble.  “male-identify or die” is the law of the land, when you are female.  obviously.

Some women are still able to name their reality. But plenty more succumb to male definitions of how women are to experience the world. Having had their definitions of truth taken away from them, women can enjoy keeping a clean house for a family, take pleasure in cooking endless meals as an unpaid servant and define intercourse as something which does not harm them, and might be good for them.

Getting to the point of this post. Transwomen are a symptom of a society which does not believe that women are discrete, authentic human beings in and of their own right. That men can project pornographically tainted nonsense about “what a woman is” onto living, breathing, flesh and blood women is a sign of how low women’s status is in society. Men are that powerful now, that they can simply make things up about women, anything they like, and declare it to be reality.

Well, getting to the point. Transwomen use a meme called “doctor assigned gender” as in “the doctor assigned the wrong gender to me at birth.” Or they might say “the doctor assigned the wrong sex to me at birth.”

Here we have a perfect example of men circle jerking in their male world of male reality.

So clueless they are about women, so insignificant are women to them, that birth–it seems– can only be legitimized by the presence of a doctor. And it is the doctor-god himself who looks at the baby and pronounces “It’s a boy!”. And ONLY THEN is the sex of the baby discovered. Only with the presence of this doctor, was the baby born.

Some doctors were silly enough to make some dastardly mistakes in their pronouncements. The man declaring “It’s a boy!” Should have instead pronounced “It’s a girl”.

Who is the invisible entity in this narrative? The answer is: the woman who gave birth. The mother who, upon birthing it, looked down at the child she had been carrying inside her for nine months, whose body she created from her own flesh and blood, who brought her knowledge of the world with her to that birth. She would have looked at her child and noticed that it was either a girl or a boy.

Mothers, then, are either stupid, or not present at the birth, according to trans reality.

In the “doctors misgendered me at birth” trope, we are witnessing a private conversation between the transwoman himself and a medical professional, who has now been deemed incompetent at his job. The male presence of the doctor represents society itself, indeed patriarchy itself. For why else except for patriarchy are any men present at the birth of a child?

When I gave birth there were no doctors present. The children saw their first doctor at one month old at a compulsory check up. Until then the check ups were carried out by the midwives who helped to deliver them. There was no great pronouncement of the sex of the babies. Midwives just catch the head and quietly pass the baby to the mother. No need for language. The mother herself is just grateful to still be alive after the ordeal, and that the baby is alive, and that the pregnancy is finally over. Those are the only thoughts she has. She notices that it is a girl, and smiles/ She notices that it is a boy, and smiles. This is the female narrative, that of the mother.

Transwomen are erasing women, even by shitting on their own mothers. Have they got no shame at all? Respect your mothers. Were your mothers really stupid? Is that the real point you’re really getting at here. Well let me tell you a home truth: your mums were never wrong.